Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas all

I'm currently on vacation in Hong Kong, that is why this blog has been silent for a while. I will be back next year. Until then, I wish you all a Merry Christmas. Hope Santa will bring some cool stuff to all of you.

I just got a tweet from Santa, and he's bringing me an iPad. I'm so excited.

Dear readers,  thank you for your Support and again, have a great Christmas.

I'm posting this from my Nexus One.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tips: How to change language on your Windows Phone 7.

I speak three languages, English, French and Creole. The latter is our mother tongue. Since I'm active on the Windows Phone forums, both English and French, i find it very useful to be able to switch between the two languages. However, it would be great to be able to do so without having to reboot the phone like it's the case on another mobile operating system. Most Windows Phone 7 supports at least two languages and they vary depending on your location. So, how do you go about doing the switch? Follow the steps below:

From the main screen, flick to the left to access the application list.

Scroll down to Settings. Tap to open.

Tap Region & Language.

Tap the "Display language" field to select your preferred language. When done, you are taken back to the Region & Language screen.

Notice just above the "Display language", there is a message saying "Tap here to accept changes and restart your phone." Tap that message to restart your phone into the new language.

To revert back to your initial language, follow the same steps.

Now if you have been through all these steps and finally decided not to proceed with the switch, do not tap to restart the phone, instead press the Back button.

HTC Hub now has live tile.

The HTC Hub application has been updated on HTC phones running Windows Phone 7. It is now live and and shows your local weather. It's good to see more and more apps with live tiles on the main screen. This is, among other things, what makes Windows Phone 7 unique. In case you missed it, there is also a Twitter client on MarketPlace called Beezz that supports push nofication and live tile. 

Check out the video to see the live tile in action:

Source: WMPoweruser via: PocketNow

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

APPA Mundi brings Tasks sync to Windows Phone 7.

While Windows Phone 7 has tight Exchange server integration, it does not support Tasks synchronization. I don't think ever reading anything about the reasons Tasks was left out. Thanks to a third party developer, Tasks synchronization is now possible. The application lets you update your to-do list and sync with Exchange and, of course, see your Tasks in Outlook. Other options include:

  • Filter your Task list by Status
  • Sort your Tasks by Status, Priority, Subject, Start Date or Due Date
  • Create new Tasks on your Windows Phone
  • Edit and Delete existing Tasks
  • Synchronize with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and later
  • Trial version supports a maximum of 6 Tasks
  • Credentials are securely stored and only used to communicate directly with your Exchange Server

For more info, visit APPA Mundi website.