Friday, February 20, 2015

Game Troopers releases second game for Windows Phone: "Make it Rain: The Love of Money"

Game Troopers strikes again with a new game for Windows Phone. The second title is called Make it Rain: The Love of Money, a successful title on Apple store and Google play with a combined 6 million downloads. Game Troopers first title, Tiny Troopers, has garnered 2 millions download 5 weeks after its release for Windows phone and that number is growing according to the developer.

Make it Rain: The Love for Money, is a fun and clever game. Where there is money, there's investment and some not-so legal possibilities. You start by swiping and watch the green notes pile up. The amount can reach the billions, "kili-billies, mega-billies, and beyond." However, to get these astronomical amount, you'll invest your money in "venture capital, loan sharking, or offshore drilling". In other words, keep investing or make such moves like buying off a federal judge or bribe the FBI. It's a fun game and a crazy one too. Since this is a Xbox title, your achievements are posted to the Xbox leaderboard.

And you and your parents MUST watch this trailer before getting started:

Happy Swiping

Get Make it Rain: The Love for Money free in the Windows Phone store.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Cross-platform game Tiny Troopers for Windows Phone gets exclusive updates.

Not everyone celebrates St. Valentine and certainly not our Tiny Troopers friends because they have no love for zombies. Yesterday, Tiny Troopers received an exclusive update bringing additional levels. The new levels are not yet available on iOS and Android yet.

The developers also announced that they are working hard on a major update "with more new and exclusive contents for Windows Phone players. This includes custom suits among many other features." Game Troopers, the developer of Tiny Troopers, welcomes suggestions of "your favorites suits" on their Facebook page.

If you have not played Tiny Troopers yet, get it in the store and enjoy some zombie slaying for free.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Xim pictures directly from your Windows Phone camera.

Xim is a nice app for sharing photos with friends and families without giving them your phone. This is particularly useful when you're, say, attending a party and you do not want to see your phone moving around when all you want is your friends to see a picture that is either on your camera roll or your favorite cloud service and nothing else. 

Sharing a photo with Xim is done either by email or a phone number and the Xim app is not required on the phone or desktop. So you may be sharing photos to 10 friends and you are the only one with Xim app installed. Your friends will receive a link by email or text and view the photo in their phone's browser. You, as the sharer, are in control since Xim lets you swipe, pan and zoom on the photo.

As stated above, Xim lets you pick the photos you want to share from your camera roll, OneDrive, Dropbox, Facebook and Instagram. In an update published today, Xim lets you use the phone's camera to take a picture and share it right away.

This update also includes the usual performance improvements and bug fixes.

Download Xim free in the Windows Phone store.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Runtastic for Windows Phone gets slew of new features.

Running, walking, hiking and biking for outdoor sports; Treadmill, cardio, yoga, weight lifting for indoor sports. Whichever sports you practice, there's a tool in the store to keep track of your activities. With the advent of the fitness trackers, smart watches, fitness apps are very popular these days. Fortunately, our phones are here to help us keep track of all that and crunch the data to help us stay healthy.

One among the many apps out there is Runtastic Pro for Windows Phone. An app full of the required features to make it an excellent fitness companion. Today, Runtastic Pro just got better with the following new features:

* Heart Rate Integration: Track your heart rate with the Runtastic Heart Rate Combo Monitor (PRO only)
* Heart Rate Zones: Train in the ideal heart rate zone, i.e. fat burning, to reach your goals (PRO only)
* LIVE Tracking & Cheering: Share location & receive messages for motivation to keep pushing
* Transparent Live Tile on your start screen
* Hydration feature: See how much you should drink to recovery from dehydration post-activity (PRO only)
* BirdView in map
* Japanese Voice Coach (PRO)
* New app languages: Russian, Turkish and Polish
* Improved layout

Some of new features are available in the pro version only. Use the download links below to get the free or paid version:

Free                                            Paid ($4,99)

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Office Lens now converts pictures to PDF with selectable text.

Office Lens picked up a useful update with the ability to convert pictures to PDF with selectable text and save them to OneDrive. I strongly recommend you give Office Lens a try especially if you have to do record keeping of, say, your expenses receipts. I use Office Lens for insurance claims. My insurance company requires originals and Office Lens come in handy to save soft copies of my receipts to OneDrive.

Office Lens is free in Windows Phone store.

Wordament natively supports Windows Phone 8 devices and resolutions.

Word games are great time killers and one of the best, of not the best, just got updated today. Wordament, a Xbox Live title has been in the store since Windows Phone 7.x. As an Xbox title, players get to follow their progression and that of other players on Xbox leaderboards. As a word game, you can be a champion by either making the most words in a limited time, find the longest word to make the best score.

With the upcoming release of Windows 10, it's nice to see the already universal game get updated to take advantage of Windows Phone 8 devices and resolutions. Owners of devices like the Lumia 1520 and 1320 will love it.

Wait no more and grab the update in the Windows Phone store.

WeChat updated with short video sharing.

WeChat is a very popular cross-platform messaging app, especially in Asia. Like any messaging app of its kind, WeChat handles text, voice and video calls quite nicely to serve 400 million users worldwide. One of my favorite feature is the walkie talkie mode with up to 40 friends.

Video sharing is trending these days with almost any messaging app offering the service, not to mention social networks platforms having video sharing built in. It is no surprise to see WeChat join the party with the addition of sharing of short videos with friends during chat sessions or via Moments. Video sharing is part of the update published today in the Windows Phone store. The update also includes the ability to tag contacts so you can find them quickly.

If you don't have WeChat in your messaging app collection yet, give it a try, else get the update in the store.