Saturday, May 23, 2015

Instagram Client for Windows Phone gets video upload, 3 new filters, emojis and more in latest update.

Any serious Instagramers know that 6tag, a third party Instagram client for Windows Phone, provides the ultimate experience for filtered/unfiltered squared images. Likely, any serious Instagramers who use both Windows Phone and Android know that 6tag have some exclusive features that makes 6tag better than the official Instagram app. With that said, 6tag picked up an important update that brings it to version 5.0 that adds three new filters. But the most notable addition is support for uploading videos from your phone and saving them to your phone too. 

Here's the full change log:

  • 3 new filters: Lark, Reyes, Juno.
  • Video upload from your phone.
  • Save video on your phone.
  • Import/Export files from the other apps (including Dropbox).
  • Emoji hashtags.
  • Refreshed UI.
  • Performance improvement.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Shifty Jelly releases first Pocket Casts update for Windows Phone with their unique sense of humor.

Shifty Jelly, the developer behind my favorite podcast app for Windows Phone posted an update today. I'm not sure what I'm most excited about: the update itself or the detailed description of the update. If you're wondering what I'm talking about, then you've never used Pocket Casts on another mobile platform or, maybe, you just own a Windows Phone as your unique mobile phone. Any update from Shifty Jelly is always funny and this update is the first in a series of good laugh. 

"Welcome to the first update of many for our Windows app! Those of you who started countdown timers to see how long until we abandoned it are out of luck I'm afraid. It's nothing personal, but I'd avoid buying lottery tickets if I were you;)." That's only the beginning. Let's go check the full change log.

Here's what is new:
  • You can now long press on an episode in a list to add it to Up Next.
  • Added an option in podcast settings to refresh artwork, also tweaked the way artwork is loaded. If you had issues with that, they should now be gone.
  • Called your mum and wished her a happy mothers day. You're welcome.
  • You can now download episodes even when 'stream by default' is on. Oops.
So much for what's new. Before we go for the list of fixes, check if your mum got a call from Shifty Jelly :)

  • Fixed some crashes that have been reported.
  • Fixed font sizes breaking bits of our app.
  • Fixed your relationship with that person you've been ignoring. Again, you're welcome.
  • Custom skip times now work via BT and other external controls.
  • fixed issues with speeds higher than 1x, reverting to 1x.
And finally, here's what Shifty Jelly has on their to-do list:
"Next on our todo list is video playback, world peace, and allowing you to pin ALL THE THINGS. We're not sure why, but you peeps are obsessed with pins. We fear for your local butterfly population is all I'm saying. You're on the Shifty Jelly train now kids, there ain't no stopping it or getting off!"

Can't wait for the next update. You can download the current one in the store.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Band Companion's remote shutter now includes video recording & four different battery positions.

If you happen to own a Microsoft Band, you should also consider getting Band Companion app. It's a third party app that will add new features to your Band through in-app purchases. Two of the features that are well worth the money are the battery status and remote shutter. These two features got better in an update published to the store.

Here's what is new in version

  • Choose between four different positions of battery status on Me tile of your Band.
  • Remote shutter feature now includes video recording
  • Remote shutter settings are now saved.
The developer also fixed some bugs reported by some users.