Monday, December 31, 2007

New Windows Mobile Shell Coming Tomorrow

Jason points us on his blog to which tells us that Pointui Home is a new Windows Mobile shell that will be released soon. There is a video posted on YouTube by the company that shows a somewhat iPhone-like interface. Since this is a shell, it will replace the current user interface on your device so make sure to perform a full backup if you decide to upgrade. Pointui's homepage points us further to which shows a clock counting down to the release. It looks like it will come out at Midnight Eastern Time (that's 00:00 January 1, 2007 GMT-5). Check their websites for pictures and videos of this exciting and free new GUI.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Watch Your TV On Your Mobile

If you have ever wanted to get a Slingbox so that you can watch your television while on the go, now is the chance to acquire your's. Jason Langridge of Microsoft alerts us to a deal from Slingbox on his blog: Slingbox Solo + Slingplayer Mobile for $159.99. That's $20 off the retail price of the Solo plus Slingplayer Mobile for free!

The offer is only valid for US residents and expires on December 31 so hurry and place your order.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Handango offering 25% off any software

With the holidays season coming to an end, Handango is giving 25% off any smartphone software you purchase on their website. Now is the time to acquire the software you've always wanted. The offer expires on December 31.

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Beta: Go Gadgets

Ever wanted to use your device to control applications such as Windows Media player or Powerpoint on your PC? If yes, send an email to and test it for free. Go Gadgets supports Windows Mobile 5 & 6 and Vista.

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Seasons greetings

Looking for special ringtones and wallpapers for your favorite device? Go to Register and download, it's all free.


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Access all files on your pc with Copernic Mobile

Copernic Mobile is an application that lets you remotely search your PC provided you have Windows Desktop Search or Copernic Desktop Search installed. According to their website, Copernic Mobile works with virtually any mobile device. Still in beta version, it can be downloaded free at

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Free: WorldMate for Pocket PC

You are a frequent traveller? Then Worldmate will be very useful to you during your trips. The package includes an itinerary viewer, global waether forecast, world clocks, converters and much more. You can download WorldMate free at

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Resco giving away four games for PCs

Resco has four games, that were originally designed for mobile devices, free for download on their websites. These games, namely Sudoku, Sokoban, Diamonds and Defender, have been ported to the PC platform and are compatible with Windows Vista, XP and 2000. Download the games at

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Free App Friday: Pocket Informant 2007

Today only, it's Free App Friday on Handango and today you get Pocket Informant 2007, a $34.95 value, completely free!
Product Info
Free App

And don't worry, if you miss getting the free download, you can at least visit the same page before next Friday and get a discount on the app.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Opera files antitrust complaint against Microsoft

Geekzone,, reports that Opera has filed a complaint against Microsoft with the European Commission. According to Opera, Microsoft is abusing its dominant position by tying its browser to Windows. Jon Von Tetzchner, Ceo of Opera, said, "we are filing this complaint on behalf of all consumers who are tired of having a monopolist make choices for them." Read more at

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Archive your SMS and Call History with Sprite Archie

I often receive emails from users asking for a solution to backup or archive SMSs. Finally, Sprite is working on an application that will do that. Sprite Archie, which by the way is still in beta version, lets you archive sent and received SMS and Call History also. No release date has been announced yet, but Sprite Archie Beta is available as a free download at

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Spb Releases Spb Wallet 1.5

Spb Software House releases Spb Wallet 1.5, a secure and manageable storage of sensitive information. Pocket PC and Smartphone users can safely keep passport and account numbers, access and PIN codes, logins and passwords in Spb Wallet, access the data from desktop PCs, and have it synchronized among multiple mobile devices. Spb Wallet puts an end to keeping the most sensitive information exposed on SIM-cards, in address books, and in text files.

What is New in Spb Wallet 1.5? ***

* The Smartphone version
* A spectacular Gallery of Templates ( and FREE custom templates on request
* The toolbar working in both Internet Explorer and Firefox
* Auto supply of user name and password in IE and Firefox
* Improved automatic password supply algorithms, support for frames and script-generated pages
* Import from SplashID and custom CSV format, an Importing Wizard for configuring importing mappings
* Skinned customizable buttons, punctuation symbols, and backspace in Logon Panel
* Localized cards templates
* Enhanced card view and smoothed user experience

Spb Wallet is currently available in Czech, English, German, and Russian. Spb Wallet is compatible with Windows Mobile 2003 and 5.0 for Pocket PC , Windows Mobile 6 Professional and Standard devices, Windows Mobile 5.0 for Smartphones, as well as Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista on desktop. A free 15-day trial can be downloaded, or Spb Wallet can be purchased for 29.95 USD, at Users of other wallet-type programs are welcomed to use the Spb Wallet migration tool for importing data.

Further information regarding Spb Wallet can be found at the Spb website:

Monday, December 10, 2007

Tips: How to delete Windows Live?

Once Windows Live is configured on the device, it appears that it's not possible to delete it. One way I've found so far is to delete a registry entry. While this solves the problem, however, it makes it impossible to re-use Windows Live without a hard reset.
Today I found a much easier way to do that and one that does not require manipulating the registry. Windows Live can be reconfigured later without a hard reset.
To achieve that, open Windows Live in Start - Programs on the device. In the Menu, select Account Options and select Switch Accounts. This will remove all emails from your device. When done, the EULA page will appear. On that screen, make sure you select REJECT. Windows Live setup will stop and you will be taken back to WL main page - The page with Live Search and the Sign-in to Windows Live link. Check in Messaging and Windows Live mailbox is gone.

Free: PocketOutlook Eraser 1.0

PocketOutlook Eraser is a very nice application that will let you erase Contact, Calendar and Tasks data on your device. This comes in handy if you want to create a new sync and avoid getting duplicates. PocketOutlook Eraser is WM5+ Pocket PC edition compatible and requires .Net Compact Framework 2.0. Download it in the link below:

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Free: GMobileSync for Google calendar sync.

An open source sync engine has been released that allows you to sync Google's Calendar to Pocket Outlook. GMobileSync supports two way synchronization, recurring appointments and timezones. Follow the link below to download.

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

TruPhone brings phone functionality to Facebook

Members of Facebook will now be able to make free phone calls to friends right from the now famous social site. The application's name is "Call Me", and is available by default to all members. Follw the link below to learn more:

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

New: Free VoIP software

Flashphone is a new free of charge web based service that allows you to make calls from a PC or mobile device. According to Jack Cook, editor of, only 1 test call is available for now "but that will change (hopefully soon)." Read more at

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WM6 update available free for U.S. Palm Treo 750 Customers

The update is available at

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Boy Genius Report publishes pics of Windows Mobile 6.1

There are hundreds of snapshots on BGR of what supposedly is the next version of Windows Mobile. No text at all, just a title - Windows Mobile 6.1.

NetFront Browser 3.4 free technical preview

NetFront 3.4 is available as a free download for testing. I never thought of trying NetFront before since I am happy with Opera 8.65. The latter is available for Pocket PC and Smartphone edition of Windows Mobile, whereas NetFront runs on Pocket PC only. Download NetFront free at

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Vito Technology releases GoodWin

Yet another release from Vito Technology through GoodWin is simply a task manager, dubbed "Windows Mobile Launcher and task switcher by Vito Technology. As with previous releases by the company, they want you to get rid of your stylus and use your fingers instead to manipulate your device, just like the iPhone.

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Friday, November 30, 2007

The next version of windows Mobile

Jason also talks about the next version of Windows Mobile. Note that it will just be an update. The next major upgrade is codenamed Photon. The update should be released sometime early next year. I'm actually playing with it on one of my devices, but I can't say more. You will love it...

Office Mobile 6.1 released

Jason Langridge got it right this time :). Microsoft released a free upgrade for Office Mobile that will allow you to open and edit Office 2007 file formats on your Pocket PC or Smartphones running WM5 and above. The upgrade can be downloaded through Jason's weblog at Http://

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tips: Internet Pass through not working on Palm Treo 750

Earlier today, a member of the Windows Mobile Owners Circle forums reported that he could not access internet on his Treo while the latter is connected to his PC. To avoid confusion here, let me just explain what Pass through is.
Pass Through is a technology built in to our devices and Activesync that when connected to an internet PC via USB, your device will use the connection on the PC to access the web. If GPRS or any other connections are running on your PC, your device will automatically suspend those connections to use the connection on the PC instead.
The member was not able to use pass through. I first recommend that he changed his connections settings in Activesync to Automatic or Internet, but that did not work. Whichever solution I proposed did not work. Until I found this fix in the registry.
Open the Registry editor and go to Hkey_Current_User\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings. Locate EnableAutoDetect. Change the value to 1. The default is 0. If you cannot find EnableAutoDetect, create it as a Dword value. This fix might apply to other devices as well.

Note: Do this at your own risk.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Eten releases SDHC patch

There seems to be a growing demand for SDHC support. Eten's Glofiish owners will be happy to learn that a patch has been released that will bring SDHC support to their devices. However, according to, "when installed, you can no longer use normal SD cards on your Glofiish devices".

The patch can be download at

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Tips: Lost all contacts in Outlook after a sync

A customer reported having lost all his contacts in Outlook Desktop after connecting his device to sync. His query was how to undo a sync. While this is not possible, I advised that he checks the Deleted Items folder in Outlook. His contacts were indeed there.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Spb Windows Mobile Survey: Voice the Demand to be Served Right

Spb Software House launches its fourth annual Spb Windows Mobile Survey. This year, the Spb Survey will not only address Pocket PC, but also Smartphone users. The Survey covers a range of usability topics, attempts to capture the general WM device user profiles, and aims to establish the "perfect software" recipe.

An expert and opinion leader in the field of making mobile software for the consumer market, Spb Software House will make the Spb Survey findings public on December 18th. This year, three random respondents will receive just in time for Christmas "thank you" gifts from Spb. The company is giving away a high-end Windows Mobile device, accessories from JustMobile, as well as a $100-worth of Spb software.

Take the survey here:

Preview: EverNote for Windows Mobile released

EverNote is a nifty application that you will want on your device to take simple notes, record audio notes and snapshot notes. It works on both touch screen and non-touchscreen platform. EverNotes can be synchronized with the desktop. Go to, and download a free copy to try.

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Symantec releases Mobile Antivirus for Windows Mobile

Symantec has released Mobile Antivirus to protect our devices against malicious code downloaded from the web or emails. The software is available for puchase at $29.95 at
Windows Mobile 2003, 2003SE, WM5 are supported. Windows Mobile 6 is not in the list of system requirements.

Vito Technology releases Zoomboard

Yet another onscreen keyboard on the market for Pocket PCs. Vito's keyboard has some similarity with the iPhone and offers a zoomed preview while typing to reduce errors. While such virtual keyboards are great for data entry on touch screen devices, I believe it's time that device manufacturers' just start offering devices with builtin QWERTY keyboards along with touchcreens. Life would be so much easier. Try ZoomBoard at

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Microsoft Pieter Knook finds it hard to comment on Android

Mr. Knook is Senior vice-president of Microsoft mobile communications business and in an interview with Australian The Age, he said that "it's hard to comment on what you haven't seen." Similar to Steve Ballmer's comments so far on the Android. However, Mr. Knook goes on to say that "it takes a lot of learning to get into this space." Read more at

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Call for help

Since yesterday, my Windows Live mail account on my HTC S620 has lost HTML capability. I've been trying to restore it, but in vain. I went to switch accounts and clear password, but my Hotmail still will not display emails in HTML format. I know it's the device, since it works on my HTC Wizard. Hard reset is not an option and is not worth it. It would be nice to troubleshoot this issue, so if anybody has an idea, do send me a note. I will really appreciate. Thanks in advance.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Free App and Discounts

It's Friday which means that Handango is giving away a free application. Today it is Agendus for Windows Mobile Smartphones. To get your free copy, go to

Handango is also celebrating nine years of service today with a sale. Now through November 30 you can save 15% off any app with the code 9YEARSALE

Tips: How to dial a phone number from the Calendar?

Adding a phone number in the Notes area of the Calendar is very useful when the reminder pops up to remind you that you need to call a contact. It would be great to be able to dial the number in the Notes area rather tha having to pull up Contacts and look up the contact number. However, by default, Outlook Mobile does not let you dial the number. At least, that function does not work in Windows Mobile 5/6 Professional edition. It does work in the Standard edition though.
There is a workaround for that. When typing the phone number in the notes area, use the following format: tel:1234567. The phone number, including "tel:" will get underlined and the font color will change to blue. Tap to dial the number.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Samsung SCH-i760 review

Jack Cook, a Microsoft MVP, has a nice and extensive review of Samsung's latest device at The device has a numeric keypad under the screen and a slide-out keyboard for typing text or for document editing. The review has plenty of pictures too. While you're there, check out the site's archive for very useful info and interesting articles about Mobility.

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AgendaOne version 2 released

Developerone has released version 2 of Agendaone with loads of new features. Besides being easier to use, other features include New Templates for creating frequently used appointments and Tasks. Contact Linking is also a nice tool that lets you link a contact to one or more contacts within the Notes area. For more, go to

Astraware releases Plantastic

Plantastic is, according to Astraware, a fun combination of puzzle and strategy game where you create bouquets from groups of brightly coloured flowers to clear them from the play board and reach each level's bloom target!  
Plantastic! includes 5 game modes - each one has a different planting pattern and blooms can only be placed near the player's last bloom within the pattern shown. Blooms drop into the queue and you must plant them in the garden before the queue fills up.
Get this fun puzzle strategy game today for your Palm OS® or Windows Mobile® smartphone or PDA and save $5 off the regular price. Plantastic! is available for devices with touchscreens.


Explore the seven wonders of the world Learn more!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Spb releases Spb Insight for Smartphones

Spb Insight is a nice software that allows reading news offline thus decreasing data usage. It's just great the Spb has decided to port this application to Smartphones. A 15-day trial is available at

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Watch Android in action

Brandon Miniman, MVP over at PocketNow, has published a video of Google's Android running on two devices. According to Brandon, "the UI isn't anything breakthrough - it seems to be a combination of iconic-based navigation from a main screen (think Palm) with pretty visuals including transparency and smooth animations (think iPhone). Click the link below to Watch The video:

HTC announces Touch Cruise

I wonder why HTC chose to include "Touch" in the name of this device, especially that it's got a different form factor from the HTC Touch. The only similarity between the two devices is that both use the TouchFlo technology. Which, by the way, is also present on the TyTN II.
The Cruise specs include GPS, Windows Mobile 6, 3MP camera, FM radio; 400MHz processor, 256MB ROM and 128MB RAM. Learn more at

Free: Transfer contacts from Facebook to Outlook with Fonebook

Here's another free application developed by Ross Dargan that lets you import Facebook data into Outlook 2003 and 2007 and sycnchronize with your phone. Not so long ago I blogged about Microsoft Mel Sampat similar application. The difference between the two is quite notable.
Ross Dargan's Fonebook not only works with Windows Mobile powered Smartphones, but with the latest generation of Nokias too. Fonebook is able to copy Contact photos, profile web address, about me details, status details and birthday if using Outlook 2007.
Download Fonebook free at

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Opera Mini 4 released

Opera Mini 4 has been released as a free download at This new version is, according to Opera, "fast, safe and secure". To download directly to your phone, point your browser to

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Calendar entry off by 1 hour

If you are experiencing this issue because of the change of dates for Daylight Saving Time, make sure you follow the steps to update your device as instruction by Microsoft. An important tip to remember is in the Installation tips which says that "after installing the update, change your default time zone to any different value". Click Done to save your settings and change to your default time zone. This will avoid having issues with your appoinments. Go to, to learn more.

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Tips: Can't see Windows folder using Explore in Vista

Someone sent me a note sometime ago reporting that he was not able to see some folders on his device when using Windows Explorer in Windows Vista. By default, Windows systems files are hidden. To change that, click Tools - Folder Options in Windows Explorer and select Show Hidden files and folders.
If you still cannot see all your files, you might want to uncheck Hide protected operating system files. I do not recommend that though.

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Monday, November 05, 2007

MobiTV 25% Off

I happened to stop by the Handango Free App Friday page today and even though the one month free of MobiTV offer is gone, there is a new offer in its place: 25% off MobiTV!! If you have a Pocket PC, now is the time to subscribe to MobiTV for only $7.49 per month. When you order from Handango, use coupon code 4E7A1112 at checkout to get the discount.

Note that it does not specify if the special rate is only for the first month or the life of the subscription.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Opera Mini 4 out of beta soon

According to a post on Opera team blog, the much expected Opera Mini will be released soon. The site does not specify any dates though. So keep watch.

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Friday, November 02, 2007

MobiTV free from Handango

Today's free app from Handango is a 1 Month subscription for MobiTV for
Pocket PC!! This isn't the trial version of MobiTV where you only get the
one preview channel; this is the full version. It's still kind of a trial
since you only get it for a month, but it's totally free!

Tipster: Jason

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News: 40% off Resco products

Simply put, Resco products are really good. Especially Resco Explorer which is now in version 2007. For Halloween, Resco is offering 40% discount off most of its products. The discount is valid until November 8. Waste no time and click the link below to take advantage of these award winning applications -

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Tips: Export Windows Contacts to Outlook Contacts

With Windows Vista, it's possible to store contacts in Windows Contacts. This is convenient if you don't have Outlook installed. Now that you've purchased Outlook, it would be great to be able to transfer these data from Windows Contacts to Outlook and sync the data to your Windows Mobile device.
To do that, open Windows Contacts and click Export on the menu bar. Select CSV (Comma Seperated Values) in the Export Windows Contacts Window. Click Export.
Type a name for the file and click Browse. Select the location where you want to save the file and click Save. Click Next and select the fields you need and click Finish.
Open Outlook and click File - Import and Export. Choose Import from another program or file. Click Next. Select Comma Seperated Values (Windows) from the list and click Next. Browse to the location where you saved the CSV file and click Next. Select the folder where you want to import the folder to and click Next. Check the file you want to import and follow onscreen instructions and click Finish. This is it. Connect your device to sync.

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WM6 upgrade available for AT&T 8525

The upgrade is available as from today to February 1, 2008. Only the 8525 is supported. Download the upgrade at Make sure you read the instructions carefully.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Free: HTC Today screen for your PDA

PocketNow has HTCs Today plugin available as a free download on their website. The plugin I refer to is the one that can be seen on HTC's latest devices: TyTN II and Touch. You'll have quick access to your contacts, software and a rather big digital clock on your main screen. It's a cool plugin. Download at

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Review: FunContact by Vito Technology

Since the launch of the iPhone a couple of months ago, the handheld community has endeavored itself to emulate Apple's interface and port it to Windows Mobile platform. Vito technology is the latest to come up with an iPhone-like interface application and went even further by developing a website with icons similar to the iPhone. Six applications are listed there, but only two are available for download; FunContact and AstroNavigator II. The first named is the subject of this short review.

All in all, FunContact is an application that replaces the default Contacts interface on your device with some nice features. I've installed it on my Eten M500 Pocket PC running Windows Mobile 5. After a successful install, Vito took over the Contacts soft key. I lost my stylus a long time ago and never felt the need to purchase a replacement. So I'm quite an expert at using my thumb to find my way on the device. I tapped Contacts and FunContact took 9 seconds to load, which is a bit long. Once it's opened, the application is very responsive though.

At the bottom of the screen are four buttons. The first one, with the A, is your contacts list. Not much to say about the button itself except that it's big enough to manipulate with the thumb. The font's size makes it easy to differentiate contacts at a glance. You do not need to pull out your stylus to search your contacts. Use your finger, most likely your thumb, to scroll through the list. It required that I pressed a little bit on the screen to move up or down the list. If you have a lot of Contacts, you might find finger scrolling somehow inefficient, especially if you're in a hurry. There is a better way of doing it.

On the right side of the screen is the alphabet column. Touch it with your finger and a box appears with the selected letter in bold. Drag your finger along the column and it changes to the next alphabet in the list. This is a quick and easy way to flip through your contacts while on the go.

Tap to view a contact details. The way a contact card opens is quite cool. Actually the screen revolves on itself to display the card. The latter shows the contacts photo, the different phone numbers and email addresses of the selected contacts. It displays each number on its own line with a SMS button at the end. Tap the SMS button will open the new SMS screen and of course sending a sms to your Home/Work/Mobile phone number. Obviously, your Home/Work phone device must support SMSs for this to work. Tapping directly on the phone number initiates a call. Another useful feature on the screen is the star next to the contacts name at the top of the screen. Tap on it and its color changes to gold. Go back to the main screen and notice that the second button has a gold
star on it. Each contact that has the star highlighted is added to a favorites list for quick access.

The third button displays most recently dialed numbers and incoming calls. Tap to start a new call. The forth button is a menu list. The first choice lets you create a new contact. The second one lets you sort your contacts by First name, Last Name and Company. FunContact is available in five languages: English, Italian, Spanish, German and French. You can set the language you want using the Language option in the menu list. The other two options are Minimize and Exit.


FunContact does make it easier to navigate through the contacts list and the overall design is cool. I did not find it as flashy as announced by Vito though. The ability to scroll using the fingers is nice but does not necessarily warrant spending $19.95 for it. I hope the good folks
over at Vito Technology will review that. The contact card can be improved to include more details, like IM addresses. It can be re-designed to use the free space between the phone numbers and the SMS buttons. An idea would be to have adjacent squares that are big enough for the finger.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Extreme Text - New threaded texting for Smartphones

Extreme Text is an application that brings threaded capabilities to Windows Mobile Smartphones. This application will work on non-touch screen devices only. Using the default messaging program, it also adds new features like emoticons, photo contacts etc. Giving you a true instant messaging experience. Download a free trial at

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Gmail is now IMAP enabled

I'm not sure there was an announcement for this, but checking my Gmail settings, I noticed that IMAP was added. If you have had issues the Gmail POP3, you will like IMAP. Why? Your emails will remain on your device when synchronizing. There has been a lot of complaint regarding this. On each sync, already downloaded emails would simply disappear from the Inbox. I'm going to try the Imap.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Touch Commander - for a one touch access to your PDA's functions

The success of the iPhone and HTC Touch 3D interface has probably inspired MobilityFlow to develop a similar, if not better, solution for existing and upcoming devices. Touch Commander is a $14.95 application that lets you use your finger to sweep across the screen in much the same way the TouchFlo technology does.
The site claims that Touch Command works on "any model of PDA powered by Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 or higher." I've tried it on my Eten M500 and it does not work. Let me know should anyone get it to work.

Microsoft Introduces New Technology and Collaboration to Accelerate Business Smartphone Adoption

Seeking to catalyze large-scale adoption of mobile smartphones by
corporate customers, Microsoft Corp. CEO Steve Ballmer today unveiled
several strategic offerings to help people and businesses better embrace
mobile technology. The company announced its first dedicated mobile
device management server and a strategic new business alliance to
complement the growing success of the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating
system and help more businesses take advantage of mobile solutions for
their employees.

Read more at:

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Free: Dashwire web dashboard lets you access your WM device from your computer

Dashwire Inc. has launched a new service that "automatically mirrors the content on your phone to your personal web account." This free tool then lets you send and receive sms; add and edit contacts; organize photos and videos; Listen to voicemail; set internet favorites, ringtones, speed dials and transfer contacts and settings to your new phone.
Go to To learn more and try it. Registration is required.

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Q&A: My device does not display caller ID

Q: When I receive phone calls, the phone number is displayed instead of the caller ID. Thus, I sometime do not know who's calling. My phone number format is 123 4567. How can I resolve that?

A: Some HTC devices have that problem where they are unable to compare and retrieve the caller when a phone calls arrive. This is happening because the number of digits in the phone number, which is 7. Many countries use 8 digits and by default, some devices are setup with the default value 8 in the following registry key: HKCU\Control Panel\Phone\CallIdMatch. Change the value to 7 and soft reset. This is it.

Tipster: Maurisystems Ltd

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Unable to sync Outlook data with Windows Vista and how I solved it.

I came across multiple posts about issues where only files and Favorites would sync with Vista and WMDC but not Contacts, Calendar and Tasks. I experienced the same issue this week-end after installing VistaUltimate. Deleting existing partnerships did not help. My Outlook data did not sync even though my HTC S620 would show up in WMDC and synced my favorites. A hard reset was an option since I had the same data on my Pocket PC, but I was determined to resolve this without hard resetting.

I connected my Eten M500 and it synchronized flawlessly. Same for my wife's HTC S310. With the help of a fresh beer, I went to create a new standard account on my PC. I logged on with the new account and started Outlook 2003 to create a profile. Then I connected my Smartphone. The screen to delete an existing partnership came up since I was already synchronizing with two PCs - My
home and Work PCs. So I deleted the office partnership. WMDC saved my new settings and I named my new connection as Home instead of the default Windows PC3. Amazingly, my device started synchronizing with the PC. I went into Outlook and all my data were there. But I wasn't done
yet since I wanted to sync using my own Vista account.

I logged off and logged back on using my own account. Since Outlook already had data from my Eten, I deleted them all, connected my Smartphone and deleted one existing partnership. After that my device synchronized with the PC. I went into Outlook and they were all there.

Just to verify, I disconnected the phone, added a new contact and appointment and connected again. Confirmed, the issue was resolved.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Mobile GBlogger - blog on the go

I came across this nice software from Pocket Watch that lets you post to your Blogger account using your WM5/6 device. The basic version, which I'm using to post this, is free. GBlogger pro is at $15 per year. Both versions let you publish to your blog or save as draft. the differences being that in the free version, a one line advertisement is inserted at the end of the post.
Gblogger Pro has the ability to set Technorati tags/Categories, have indexing services and no advertisements.
While it's cool to have a software that let's you blog from wherever you are, I personally prefer to just send an email to my blog and it's automatically updated. if you need to insert HTML tags, Youtube videos etc, then GBlogger is what you need. To learn more:

- Posted using Pocket Watch Software Mobile GBlogger.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New Spb Pocket plus 4.0 released

This popular application has been released with loads of new functionality. The new build is less bulky, resulting in less space on the device after installation. Version 4.0 is also faster than its predecessor. Listed as novelties are:

Smart scrolling

Tabs in IE

New File save/open dialog

Additional actions assigned to hardware button long-pressing

A 15-day trial is available for download or you can purchase it for $29.95. Owners of the previous version can get it for $14.95.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

PocketSMS: SMS management software

PocketSMS is another software for managing SMS on your Windows XP or Vista PC. I wrote another because not so long ago, I blogged about Jeyo Mobile Companion which has the same features. PocketSMS was previously available in German only. The English version is sold for $19.95 and a 30 days trial is available. Download at

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Vito reveals new website and new software Is Vito Technology's new cool website to present their new applications. Right now only two of them are available: Funcontact and AstroNavigator II. One application has retained my attention though, SMS-Chat. This software is going to bring threaded sms conversation to Windows Mobile devices, at last. This is great news.

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Palm's green initiative

I applaud Palm's initiative to collect old or unused phones, chargers and other accessories for recycling. The recycled parts will then be used into new phones. Instead of throwing your old stuff in landfills or municipal waste, send them back to Palm. In doing so you will help preserve our already fragile environment. Go to, to learn more. Bravo Palm.

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Friday, October 12, 2007

MySpace goes mobile

A mobile version of MySpace is now available. Point your mobile browser to From now on you will be able to access your blog or email and other popular MySpace services right from your device.

Free WM6 upgrade for Palm Treo 750V

If you own an unbranded version of the 750V, go to To download the image free. Enjoy Windows Mobile 6.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I-Mate annouces two new Jama

The Imate Jama 101 is not so ifferent as its predecessor except that it runs on Windows Mobile 6 Professional. Ok, it's also a little bit more attractive. Then there's the Jama 201 which main characteristic is the builtin QWERTY keyboard. Both devices share the same specs, except in size and these are Tri-Band GSM/GPRS/Edge; Samsung 300Mhz processor; 128ROM and 64MB Ram; 2mp camera. These devices do not support Wifi and 3G. Read more.

Astraware announces the release of Astraware Boardgames

Astraware Boardgames includes 8 games intended for casual Players and non-experts. The package is available for both Smartphone and Pocket PCs running WM 2003 and above. Try or buy at

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Free: Anti-Dupe to remove duplicate records in Outlook

If for some reason, you're starting to get duplicate records on your devices after synchronizing, Anti-Dupe might help solve the issue. This free add-on will delete any duplicates that are in your Appointments, Tasks, Contacts and Email. When you connect your device again to sync, all duplicates should go too. Download Anti-Dupe at

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Free: FTP server for Windows Mobile

This free utility from Mochasoft lets you Copy/Paste files to and from a Pocket PC. It supports standard FTP commands and up to 25 active sessions. Regarding security, a timer will close inactive sessions and different access rights can be set for users. Go to FTP server is free. However, a license is required to run it and can be found at the bottom of the provided webpage.

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Spb Mobile DVD 1.2.5 Released

Spb Software House's Spb Mobile DVD program has just been released. Following changes were made in Spb Mobile DVD
version 1.2.5:

- Full 640*480 resolution for WMV added.
- 800*480 (Wide VGA) resolution support added.
- Problem with digital copy protection even with PowerDVD 7 on Vista

The version 1.2.5 is free for users of Spb Mobile DVD 1.x. You can
download the copy at

You can find more information about Spb Mobile DVD at

Free: Add tabbed browsing functionality to PIE

Web Viewer is a free add-on for Internet Explorer Mobile. The add-on main feature is multi-tab browsing. Along with it comes the ability to open links in new tab, duplicate tab, hide tab options etc. This programs requires .Net Compact Framework 2.0 and supports devices with Touch screen only. Download here.

Can you graduate from brain school?

Brain school is a funny and useful game that lets you exercise "all various aptitudes, including verbal, spatial, numerical, and musical". The game is available as a free download on the Windows Mobile Owners Circle webpage at

Spb Software House grabs three awards at Handango Patner summit

Spb Software House, the world's leading Windows Mobile software maker, received unparalleled recognition at the seventh annual Handango Partner Summit, held during the last week of September in San Diego, USA. Spb Software House claimed the Best Evolution Application and the Best Entertainment Application awards, as well as the Developer of the Year title in the Windows Mobile Pocket PC category.

The event, organized by Handango, the world's leading provider of smartphone content, traditionally brings together the mobile industry's leading content providers, handset manufacturers, wireless carriers, and platform vendors, who gather to share their views on the latest trends on the mobile content market, the major factors influencing its development, and the change in the mindset of the ever-growing community of mobility consumers.

Invite your mail contacts to join your friends list with Windows Live Spaces. It's easy! Try it!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Free: Code Wallet pro 2006 for Pocket PC

Handango is also offering a Friday freebie. Go to To download your free copy after you fill out a brief survey.

Tipster: Jason

Friday freebies

Since it's Friday, I thought it would be a good idea to find some nice freebies and I found two. The first one is a cool converter for WM 2003 and above called MSSConverter which you can downlaod at

The second one is a simple clock that takes up your Today screen. Requires .Net Compact Framework 2.0 and works with WM5 and above. Download at Http://

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Free WM6 upgrade for HTC P3300 available for download

A free upgrade for the P3300 is available on HTC's website. It is available for download only for members of the HTC e-Club at

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Airscanner releases Power Tools beta

The Power Tools utility is intended for Power users who wants total control of their devices. The suite of tools include:
Registry Editor
Device Monitor
Device Info
Task Switcher

PowerTools is designed to work with Pocket PCs running WM5 and 6.

Download cab file:

Desktop installer:

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

BenQ releases new super slim E72 Smartphone

BenQ present the E72 as an "incredibly thin" Smartphone at a little over 1cm. Powered by Windows Mobile 6 Standard edition, the device is feature packed, "integrating five different instant messaging networks in a single platform". Read more.

HTC releases 4 new devices

The Touch Dual, HTC P6500, HTC S730 and HTC Shift are HTC's newest device to the market. I consider only two among to be new - the Shift and the P6500. The Dual is simply an "upgrade" to the popular HTC Touch. Same applies to the S730 which is just a revamped S710.
The P6500 is meant for the enterprise. Besides its 3mp camera, it has a 2d barcode reader, Figerprint ID sensor, dual SDIO interface and a business card reader. In terms of connectivity, the p6500 supports triband HSDPA, and Quand band GSM/GPRS/EDGE.

Learn more at

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Linley Meslier
Microsoft MVP - Windows Mobile Devices
Pocket PC Mauritius

Tips: How to highlight text in a Word document?

Highlighting text is a great feature in Word Mobile to enable readers to quickly locate important information. To apply a highlight to text, simply select the text. Then click Menu - Format - Font and select Highlight. Click OK and your text is highlighted. The same steps apply when applying a Underline or Strikethrough to text.

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Adobe launches Flash Lite 3

Flash Lite 3 allows compatible devices to display Flash player compatible video. "Flash Lite 3 more closely replicates the desktop experience delivered by Adobe Flash Player. This gives mobile users the freedom to access content whenever and wherever they want, while efficient resource management capabilities significantly improve and optimize performance for mobile devices. With Flash Lite 3, developers worldwide are able to create more engaging applications, interfaces and mobile assets that integrate video, as well as develop innovative and dynamic mobile assets such as wallpapers, screensavers or casual games." Only a few Windows Mobile devices are supported for now, some Ipaqs and two Toshibas. Read more...

Opera 8.65 for Windows Mobile released

This excellent browser is available as a free 30 days trial download at I have been using it as I my default browser on my HTC S620 in its beta version. I'm definitely looking forward to buy it. For some reason the Smartphone version is not available for purchase yet. Below is a list of fixes and enhancements:

Removed "Single Column" option from UI menu
Fixed scroll-bar issue after landscape switch
Fixed orientation problem after landscape witch
Fixed some crashes with Setting editing
Enhancement on UI responses
Fixed security icon display issue on some security site
Fixed "lost focus" problem during some user operations
Font size adjustment and enhancement

Learn more

Monday, October 01, 2007

Free: WKTask - Task Maager and Program luancher for WM5/6

WKtask is a nice and free utility for Pocket PC that lets you launch applications from the upper bar. Running applications are aligned right after the Start icon thus emulating the Windows desktop experience. Even the X button has multiple functions. One tap will really close the application while a tap & hold will display the context menu. Check out the WKTask's website to learn more:

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Jeyo Mobile Companion 2.0 released

Version 2.0 supports Vista and among the list of new functionalities, it comes with sms chat. Jeyo Mobile Companion lets you backup and restore sms messages, sync sms to your PC, manage call history etc. It has loads of features that makes this application a must have. A free trial for 15 days is available at

Linley Meslier

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Divx Mobile player for Windows Mobile released

Finally a Divx player for Windows Mobile has been released and is available as a free download at Devices powered by Windows mobile 2003 and later are supported.

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Tips: Edit the predictive text database on the HTC S620

This only works on the WM6 version of the HTC S620. A couple of weeks ago, I posted about Xt9 remembering my passwords. Since I consider this a serious security flaw, I went to look for the database that stored text data and I found them. et9Cdb.cdb and et9Rudb.Rdb are stored in the Windows folder and easily editable using any text editor software.
It is possible to simply delete these two files. They will re-create themselves when Xt9 is enabled again. In my previous post, I disabled Xt9. You might want to do this to keep your passwords safe.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New Facebook Application - "I love my Phone"

A few weeks ago, I posted about a nice application developed by Mel Sampat of Microsoft that lets you sync your photos from Facebook friends and match them with Outlook contacts and eventually on any Windows Mobile Device.
Mel has created another application called "I love my Phone". Basically, it lets you display the picture of your device in your Facebook profile. Download it at

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Astraware releases Hidden Expedition:Titanic

The legendary RMS Titanic sank in 1912 and Leonardo and Kate's effort to revive the legend did not quite work. At least not for me. So I'll gladly take the dive to fish for hidden treasures of the Titanic with Astraware's latest release. Hidden Expedition: Titanic is now available for Palm OS and Windows Mobile - Smartphones and Pocket PCs. Priced at $19.95, Hidden Expedition:Titanic can be downloaded at

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Why am I unable to synchronize my phone with the computer through the USB cable?

Check the following: Check the Microsoft® ActiveSync® version on your PC. If you have a Windows Mobile® 6 device and a Windows® XP SP2 computer, make sure you have ActiveSync® 4.5 (or later version) installed. Please note that if you are upgrading from an earlier version of ActiveSync®, you may need to recreate the sync partnership with your phone.
If you are using a Windows® Vista® computer, make sure Windows Mobile Device Center is installed on your PC
If ActiveSync® or Windows Mobile Device Center is already installed, check the physical USB cable connection. Make sure the USB cable is properly and securely connected to both your phone and the computer's USB port.
Make sure the Allow USB connections check box is selected in ActiveSync® or Windows Mobile Device Center.
Try unplugging the USB cable, select Start > Settings > Connections > USB to PC and clear the Enable advanced network functionality check box, then reconnect the USB cable. This forces your phone to use a serial connection.
Unplug the USB cable, delete the partnership, reconnect the USB cable, and try recreating the partnership.
While you're installing ActiveSync® 4.5, it will add the necessary exceptions in the Windows Firewall. If you still experience problems with Windows Firewall blocking ActiveSync® connectivity, do the following:
a) On your Windows® XP SP2 PC, click Start > Run.
b) Enter firewall.cpl and click OK.
c) The Windows Firewall's settings dialog box then opens. Clear the Don't Allow Exceptions check box and click OK.
d) If the above process still does not resolve the problem, open the Windows Firewall's settings dialog box again and select Off to turn off the firewall.Sometimes, anti-virus software that is installed on your PC may conflict with ActiveSync®. Disconnect your device, disable the anti-virus software, reconnect your device, and then try synchronizing again.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Send sms to groups from your smartphone

Here's a nice free application for sending SMS to groups. This feature is not natively supported by any version of Windows Mobile. For Group SMS to work, create your groups in Contacts and they will be accessible through the application. Group SMS is very easy to use. Download at

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Teksoft gives away two useful applications: A2DPToggle & Speakerphone.

Since last week Teksoft has a new freeware page that contains the download links for the two applications in the header.
The first one, A2DPToggle 1.0, is a Today plugin that lets you switch the audio between the device speaker and A2DP stereo headsets. This is quite a nice feature. The plugin also comes with a Bluetooth Signal strength indicator, Bluetooth and Headsets state indicator and a panel for further customization.
The second application also gives you quick access to turn on/off the speakerphone. There's also a Autoanswer and autoreject calls.
Both applications are compatible with Pocket PC 2003/WM5/WM6 and can be downloaded at

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Threaded sms with Textr

Here's a free solution to keep track of your sms conversation like . Textr also lets you store and archive conversations on your strage card. Download it at

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Use Frog to create your own homepage

Frog is a new free service that lets you create your own homepage for your device. This way you won't have to search through your list of favorites to access webpages you regularly visit. After registration, a link to your page will be sent to your email as well as instructions on how to set it up. Frog is really a nice tool that I recommand. Learn more at

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Friday, September 14, 2007

HTC TyTN series has its website

Don't know what the TyTN is yet? You still haven't made up your mind yet about whether or not to purchase this powerful device? Then check out the TyTN webpage. The site has everything you need to know about the devices including an image gallery and a 3D demo. Go to and explore.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

WM6 post-upgrade issues #1 is resolved.

Yesterday morning, my device performed 6 reboots and could not load Windows Mobile when I powered it up. I had to remove the battery 3 times for it to load Windows. Anticipating the worst, I performed a backup and decided to re-flash the ROM. First I went back to Windows Mobile 5 and the device worked great. Just to be on the safe side, I downloaded the WM6 ROM image from HTC's site again and went on with the upgrade. Same as on the first time, I had a quick and smooth installation. The phone rebooted without any issues. I restored my backup, reinstalled all my applications and switched the phone off for a while and powered it up again. No more reboots and battery pullouts since yesterday and I've even got a bit more memory to use. The multiple reboots issue is resolved.

Check out Issue #1:

Documents to Go to edit Office 2007 on Smartphones

Dataviz has released an update for its popular Documents to Go software which lets you view and edit Office 2007 files on Smartphones. The upgrade is free for those who already own Documents to Go or it can be purchased for $32.98.
Besides Office 2007 compatibility, this update bring "Zip and Send" technology to compress and email files; full screen support for Powerpoint presentations etc.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Palm launches Treo 500v for Vodafone customers.

The new Windows Mobile 6 powered device will be available exclusively to Vodafone customers from October in the following countrie: Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, UK and Vodacom customers in South Africa.
The device has a builtin QWERTY keyboard, video streaming capability, 2mp camera, 3G/UMTS network. The Treo 500v will be available in two colors: glacier white and charcoal grey. Wifi still does not appear in the list of features.

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OutSync Windows Mobile with Facebook.

If you use Facebook, then you will probably welcome this feature which lets you sync photos of your friends to matching Contacts in Outlook. According to Mel Sampat, the developer, "updated contacts are automatically synced with Windows Mobile devices by Exchange Server or Activesync." Outsync is compatible with XP, Vista and Server 2003. Outlook 2003 or 2007 is required. Download at

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

SBSH introduces the TimeConsole Utility for Smartphone.

Finally a world clock for smartphones. This solution lets you track the time in four different places across the globe and seems pretty easy to setup and use. TimeConsole is available for free during the beta stages, so go for it and try. It is the first of its kind being released for Smartphones. Learn more at

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WM6 post upgrade issues #3 - Caller/Sender ID not displayed; HTC to release patch.

Another bug has appeared on my device and this time, it has to do with Text messaging not displaying senders' ID anymore when receiving text messages. It was working fine under Windows Mobile 5.
I came across multiple threads where users, especially those who got the upgrade from HTC, were complaining about that same issue. While trying to solve the issue, we managed to get the sender's ID to display fine, but at a price. The caller's ID would not display anymore. It was either one or the other. Further tweaking brought back the caller's ID and the sender's ID stopped working. I noticed that if I added the country code to a Mobile number, it would stop displaying the caller's ID. It became clear that there was nothing that we could do to resolve this, so I suggested that the "customer" paid a visit to HTC for support. The answer he got was something like they are aware of this issue and HTC is working on a patch to fix it.

Monday, September 10, 2007

WM6 post upgrade issues #2 - Xt9 is a major security flaw

I was quite happy with the xt9 feature at the beginning until I noticed a flagrant security flaw. Xt9 actually plainly displays the passwords to the various site I accessed recently, including my online banking password. HTC needs to provide a patch to fix that and quick. Now I have to locate that dictionary and delete all my passwords. My second option is to disable Xt9. Here is a tips: Disable Xt9 by pressing the FN button and the Space bar.
Hope HTC folks will come across this post and help fix that issue.

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Friday, September 07, 2007

Get CeRegEditor to manage PPC registry on Desktop PC

CeRegEditor is a free utility that lets you open your device registry right on your PC. It's compatible with Windows CE, PPC 2003, WM5 and WM6. An Activesync connection between the PC and Device is required. Just make sure you know what you're doing or you'll render your device inoperable. Download CeRegEditor at Http://

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WM6 post upgrade issues #1

After a couple of days, I've started having issues with my HTC S620, issues that were not there before. I switch my Smartphone off every night before going to bed. Since Tuesday morning, I started having what I consider a serious issue with the device. It requires three self-reboots to power up. Let me explain: I press the power button and the HTC logo appears and the phone vibrates before switching to the Windows Mobile logo. After a few seconds the screen goes pitch black before it goes through the booting process again and it does that THREE times before loading the OS. It has been doing it since I upgraded the phone on Monday. Anybody experiencing that same issue, be it on the same device or another?

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

HP introduces five new Windows Mobile 6 powered devices

HP has announced five new Ipaqs namely the 900 and 600 series running Windows Mobile 6 Professional; The Ipaq 300 series Travel; the 200 series for enterprises using a wifi network and the Ipaq 100 series running Windows Mobile Classic edition. No release dates has been announced yet, but it should be a matter of time now. Learn more at Geekzone.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A message from Palm to its customers, partners, developers: Cancels Foleo.

Ed Colligan, Palm's CEO, has posted a message to Palm's community announcing the company's decision to cancel the Foleo Mobile Companion "in its current configuration". Palm has decided to focus on building one flexible platform "to offer a single, consistent user experince". The company will still continue its partnership with Microsoft on the Windows Mobile platform. The Engadget folks must be happy. Read more at

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Spb Software house releases 6 games for Smartphones

Spb Software House, the leading Windows Mobile software maker, releases six intelligent Mini Games for Windows Mobile Smartphone: Spb Sudoku, Spb Numbers, Spb Quadronica, Spb Minesweeper II, Spb Matches, and Spb Balltracker.

"We consider it crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest mobile software industry trends, and as Windows Mobile Smartphones gain popularity, we produce more software for the platform, games included. Today, mobile entertainment is something that users expect to have 'at hand', so we extend the good-old fun of minesweeping, puzzling, and such, to our Smartphone customers", said Denis Byzov, the games Product Manager at Spb. Read the press release at .

Connect to the next generation of MSN Messenger  Get it now!

Lend your support to ApptoDate

Paul, an MVP over at Modaco, has developed an excellent application that helps keep software installed on our devices automatically up to date. Basically, ApptoDate will check for updates for every application installed on your device so you don't miss any. Already, some well known software house for Windows Mobile have shown interest for ApptoDate. Let's all get behind Paul to make ApptoDate a requirement for all apps installed on our devices or, better yet, built into Windows Mobile itself. Good job Paul. Lend your support at

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My HTC S620 runs WM6 without documents editing capability.

I did the upgrade to WM6 yesterday and things went really well. After a smooth installation, the device rebooted and the Windows Mobile logo appeared. At this point I thought my Smartphone had frozen as it was just sitting there, static, with no indication at all that something was actually happening in the background. I resisted the temptation to press the button and I think that was the wisest decision of the day. Eventually, after a while, the phone came back to life and the Vista-like Home screen appeared.

WM6 has a nice design and the icons are attractive, but overall the home screen looks the same. The Start menu has been rearranged with Messaging still showing first, followed by Office and Call History. The new comers being Yahoo Go and a calculator. One of the first applications I wanted to have a look at was Office. I had viewers before the upgrade and WM6 Standard edition (previously, Smartphone Edition) ships with documents/spreadsheets editors. The latter seems to have been omitted because I can still only view documents. There are no editing capabilities in Office on my WM6 Smartphone. Why is that?

The device seems to be running faster since the upgrade. I noticed that when using Opera 8.65 beta. It loads pages much faster and some of the bugs I noticed in WM5 simply vanished in WM6. However, I’m having issues with Internet Explorer Mobile not able to access Google sites anymore. Not sure if this is my connection causing this, but will test it today.

Since most of the new WM6 features requires Exchanges server 2007, there’s nothing more that I can write about that’s not already been told elsewhere. In the following days, I’m just going to play with my “new” device and will report back any issues.

SBSH announces PhoneWeaver update

SBSH Mobile Software released an update "that brings new exciting features with it! Some of them are: New optional thumbs-layout for stylus free usage, optimized layout for integrated use within PocketBreeze tabs, popup-menu mode for complete control using a context menu, and more. The upgrade is free for registered users. More information at

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Saturday, September 01, 2007

HTC releases WM6 upgrades for S620 and XV7500

I've been eagerly waiting for this upgrade and it's finally here. That's really exciting news. I can't do the upgrade right now since I'm spending the week end at the beach with my family and though I'm enjoying every moment of it, I just can't wait to get back home to download and upgrade my S620. Stay tuned as I'll post about the upgrade and WM6 functionalities. To download, log on to HTC eclub website.

Posted on the GO using my soon-to-be WM6 powered device.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Opera Mini beta 2 released

If you've missed the first beta of Opera Mini, here's your chance to catch up and try this small and cute browser. You do not have to worry about your actual version, it will remain on your device and the beta version will install without overwriting it.
Point your device browser to

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

WM6 update for Palm Treo 750v released

WM6 upgrades are available for the Treo 750v for customers residing in Ireland and the UK. The updates are available at Updates are also available for the Netherlands at


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eSec - a free digital wallet and password safe

eSec is a free digital Wallet and password safe application for Windows Mobile. It will help store and protect sensitive data like passwords, bank account number etc using 256bit AES encryption. eSec is avalable for download as a cab file at

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Free: Slide 2 Unlock v1.20

This is another iPhone inspired utility with a Caller ID of its own and the ability to slide to unlock the phone and answer calls. It's got a nice interface as well and is worth a try. Go to Http://

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pre-order your HTC TyTN II

You can pre-order the TyTN II, previously known as the Kaiser, at The price of this superb device is $799.95. Very expensive so I suggest you pre-order one for me while you're at it :).

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Amot mV: An easier solution to watch video on WM devices.

Remember sometime ago I posted a pseudo solution by Sourceforge to watch YouTube videos on Pocket PCs and Smartphones. While it was a very much welcome as a temporary "fix", it was a pain to set up and use.
Here is an easier way to watch videos on our devices without the need to do any tweaking. This is a solution from Avot Media Inc, called Avot mV. The latter is free and a cab file can be downloaded directly to your device by pointing your browser to Http:// If you prefer the executable file, connect your PC to Run the exe file and setup will automatically start on your device. I've just tried it and it really works. Enjoy!

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Free: Halo 3 ringtones and wallpapers.

Gamers will know what Halo 3 is. It seems to be a much anticipated release. To get ready, personalize your devices with these cool new ringtones and wallpapers available at the Windows Mobile Owners Circle -

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Windows Live for Nokia phones released

Microsoft and Nokia partnered to offer Windows Live services to Nokia's customers. The service has been available since August 23 as a free download on Nokia's website. For now the download is available to 11 countries only and for S60 devices. Starting next year, customers who purchase the S40 series will also be able to download Windows Live. You can read the press release at

Download Windows Live at Http://

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tips: Disable Start Menu sound

I've just figured that one out. To disable the Start Menu sound, go to Start - Settings - Sounds & Notifications and remove or uncheck Events. Click OK.

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Finally a calculator for QWERTY Smartphones

Owners of QWERTY devices, rejoice. Lygea Calculators finally has one for our devices. The business calculator will only work with devices having builtin keyboards and has loads of functions. You can learn more at

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Magicall is a Rule based filter for sms and calls

Another interesting piece of software to try, especially if you hate being disturbed at certain times during the day (and night). Magicall key features are: Bidirectional calls filtering, sms filtering, filter by numbers, by Outlook Categories, sms contents etc. A feature packed software that's among the nominee for best software award 2007. A seven day trial is available at Purchase price is $24.95.

Posted on the go.

OneNote Mobile quick start guide

I was asked yesterday how to setup and install OneNote Mobile 2007 on a Smartphone or Pocket PC. After some research - I don't use OneNote yet - I came across this quick start guide on Microsoft's webguide. Read it carefully and you'll be up and running in no time.

Follow the link:

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Spb Software house releases Spb Business Pack

Spb Software House, the leading Windows Mobile software maker, takes steps to woo the business users of handheld devices. Its new Spb Business Pack is aimed at making the life and work of a businessperson more organized, manageable, and stress-free. The bundle intertwines four time-proven applications for keeping track of financials, appointments, access codes, local currency exchange rates, weather, and more.

"We do everything to keep a hand on the pulse of the mobile software market," - says the company's COO, Vassily Philippov - "we regularly tune in to what the mobile community has to say, and staying organized in terms of spending and tasks, as well as having immediate access to local information while abroad, is what our users want, thus we make this synergy of products for Windows Mobile devices available at a substantial, 33% discount". 

The Money
Spb Finance is a money management tool for monitoring the spending on the road or in the hometown. The program is compatible with both Microsoft Money and Intuit Quicken, and will be very familiar to users of the two. The Spb Finance turns the Pocket PC into a real finance management system, and helps to get rid of the desktop data dependency that the mobile people contest. 

The Destination
Spb Traveler is an adviser that has the accurate answers to the typical travel questions, taking the usual research prelude out of business trips forever. The latest weather and money exchange rates, the area codes, the time differences, the much needed unit converter and the practical tip calculator, even the capitals and the flags are only some of the things this program makes readily available to the user. 

The Meetings
Spb Diary is a program that displays the information that just can't be forgotten - on the Windows Mobile Today screen. The application is highly customizable and aesthetic, it is absolutely essential for people who need to keep track of tasks and appointments, and for whom a paper diary is not an option. 

The Passwords
Spb Wallet is a rich in functionality manager of confidential information and passwords. For those of us who have secrets, Spb Wallet offers to store the sensitive, business critical, and personal information, protected by unbreakable AES 256bit algorithm. The solution is much appreciated by users for its seamless synchronization with desktop computers, making sure that the sensitive data may be backed up at home or at work.

Discover the new Windows Vista Learn more!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

WM6 upgrade for HTC P4350 released.

HTC has finally made the WM6 upgrade for the P4350 available through its Members club website. If you haven't registered yet go to
Note that this upgrade applies to HTC P4350 only.

Posted on the Go using my HTC S620 - Still powered by WM5

Facade version 1.3 released

This update is available for free to those who already own Facade. New features include:

New layouts and graphics - QVGA portrait, QVGA landscape, and Standard portrait, Rotation support, Transparent button, new meters, support for Asian phones.

Download here:

You must try Radar

You use Radar to instantly share picture with friends using your camera phone. It works with any phone, regardless of OS and network. Take a picture, send it to Radar and it will be visible to your friends. Radar even works with Facebook, making it even easier to invite friends to join. Has all the info you need to join and start picture conversation with friends and loved ones. Enjoy, it's free.

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

HTC Kaiser review in English.

Thanks to an anonymous tipster, an English review of the Kaiser can be found in the link below. Enjoy...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "HTC Kaiser review":

i'm the man who translate the review in french but you can find the
orginal review in english on trustedreviews website :

Posted by Anonymous to Pocket PC Mauritius at 9:39 PM

Friday, August 17, 2007

HTC Kaiser review

HTC kaiser is really a nice device and I wish I had one to play with. Check out this review on The review is in french but with nice pictures of the beast.

HTC Kaiser review

HTC kaiser is really a nice device and I wish I had one to play with. Check out this review on The review is in french but with nice pictures of the beast.

Tips: Add disconnect button to connectivity balloon

If you do not have the ability to disconnect an internet connection right from the Connectivity balloon, this tip is for you.
Run a Registry Editor, or get one, and go to HKLM\Control Panel\Phone\Flags2 and change the value to 8. I recommend you perform a soft reset. To remove the button change the value to 0.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

HTC TouchFlo review

TouchFlo is not another phone to be released by HTC. It is a new technology available only - for the time being - on HTC Touch. TouchFlo is capable of recognizing whether the user is using a stylus or finger and reacts accordingly. Read the full review on

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New: Pocket Wifi Radar

This software helps you connect to free wireless access points with a single mouseclick. It's wifi for dummies. Get your email and browse the web without being charged. The ideal Wifi-tool for frequent travellers and mobile professionals. Check out for more at

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New: Windows Mobile RingtoneMaker

RingtoneMaker is a desktop application that lets you create, manage and automatically sync your own ringtones from an .mp3 file. It seems that almost all Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices are supported. RingtoneMaker is sold at a discount price of $9.95. Hurry up if you're interested as it's real price is $19.95.

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New Windows Mobile SafeMode tool released in alpha version

For power users only! Airscanner has released an alpha version of its new SafeMode tool. This is similar to the safe mode you use on Windows PCs, which has been conspicuously absent in Windows Mobile. The goal is the help you recover from system errors or buggy, 3rd party software, without having to lose your data. NOTE: this is alpha version test software, so please make sure to back up your data before trying it.

You can read the user's manual online here:

You can download the test version here:

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Spb Software House receives Shareware Industry Awards

Spb Software House, the leading Windows Mobile software maker, receives the Best Program for PDA's recognition from the Shareware Industry Awards for second consecutive year.

Among the most attractive features of today's Windows Mobile devices is their ability to grow in functionality with the installation of new software, as well as their seamless compatibility with the digital devices at home and at work.

"The Shareware Industry Awards were conceived as a way to honor, and acknowledge some of the best software available that uses the shareware marketing model." This year, the Spb Mobile Shell got the highest expert recognition as the Best Program for PDA's, whereas back in 2006, the same highest appraisal was given to Spb Diary.

The shareware marketing approach has to do with the "try before you buy" philosophy, meaning that the shareware software makers have to be confident in the quality of their products, and be sure that after trial, users will stay loyal and pay for more of the same.

The Shareware Industry Awards are voted on by registered participants, with a maximum of five officially nominated contestants in each of the 16 categories of best-in-class software. This year, Spb Software House is honored to go shoulder to shoulder with such renowned software vendors as Microsoft Corporation with its Microsoft Office 2007 in the Best Business Application or Utility category, and Google Inc. getting Best Hobby or Personal Interest with its Google Earth.

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Attack of the clone

This phone, visibly, is a clone of the iPhone and is running Windows Mobile. I don't know if this info is true, but according to this blog, the Meizu M8 should be available in December. I wonder what Apple has to say about that cloning business. Check it out at

Friday, August 10, 2007

Tips: Activesync and Vista

I answered a post today on Windows Mobile Owners Circle Forum from a member who wanted to know how tweak Vista to support Activesync. After posting a reply there, I decided to post something about this here. Let it be known that Vista does not support Activesync because it comes loaded with Windows Mobile Device Center 6.0. There is no way to make Activesync work with Vista. I also recommend that you download the latest version of WMDC, which is version 6.1 on Microsoft's website.
If you're still having issues with WMDC 6.1, drop me an email and we'll sort it out together or post it on Windows Mobile Owners Circle Forum.

Tips: How to backup a .Pst file in Outlook?

There will come a time where you will need to uninstall Outlook on your PC because you are unable to sync. Checking the status in Activesync will show a Support code 0x85010014. Removing Outlook is an easy thing to do - Simply go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs. What about the data in Outlook? It is important to make a backup of your pst file so you can recover your data after re-installation; All this without the need of backup software. How? Follow the steps below to save your data to a pst file and then proceed to the uninstall and re-install of Outlook.

1. In Outlook, click File > Import & Export, to start the Import & Export Wizard.

2. Select Export to a File and click Next.

3. Select Personal folder file (.pst) as the file type and click Next.

4. Select your mailbox if you want to export all folders. Make sure that you select "Include Subfolders. Click Next.

5. Select the path where you want to save the file. Select any option you need under Options and click Finish. This is it.

6. After you're done re-installing Outlook, use the same steps to re-connect to your .pst file. At step 2, select Import from.

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Sprite backup v6 released

Sprite backup version 6 has been released with support for WM5 & WM6 powered devices. New features are listed below:

Supports ALL WM5 & WM6 Devices - Smartphone AND Pocket PC
NEW Backup to FTP Server - Now supports remote backup for additional protection
Backup to PC - Increased protection by moving backups off-device
NEW Sprite PC Manager - Easy setup & instant data protection
Sprite Explorer - PC Tool for browsing and extracting backup file contents
Upgrade Mode Recovery - Restore to a replacement device or after a ROM Upgrade
NEW Support for WM6 Storage Card encryption - Access ALL your data after a hard reset
Full & Custom Backup and Restore operations - offers complete control
Self-Extracting Backup Files - Restore backups without re-installing
Automatic Scheduled Backup - ensures up to date content protection
Automatic Backup File Management - Optimize storage space used

Go to for more.

Anti-Mosquito software for Pocket PC

Mosquito Defence is a small application for Pocket PC that pretends it can protect from Female mosquitoes bites. According to the author, male mosquitoes do not bite.
Mosquito Defence plays a special ultrasonic frequencies to keep the mosquitoes away. I don't know if it really works and I can't try it either. It's winter here. If any of you do, please post your results in the comment area.

Download at

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

ZoomVNC client for Pocket PC released

ZoomVNC lets you access computers remotely. "Featuring modern protocol support, macros and zoom, you can control any type system remotely, using on-screen keys to support macros, key combinations or unusual modifier keys, zooming in from whole screen to 400%, and hardware keyboard support." ZoomVNC even supports multiple simultaneous connections. Learn more at

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Spb Software House releases the Spb Communication Pack

Spb Software House releases its first communication software bundle - the Spb Communication Pack - an integrated collection of the four recognized best-selling Windows Mobile communication programs: Spb Mobile Shell, Spb Phone Suite, Spb GPRS Monitor, and Spb Insight are skillfully bundled together at almost half the price.

In a nutshell, Spb Communication Pack offers three powerful enhancements to the Windows Mobile platform, reinforced by a clever news reader, all intimately integrated and working to improve the Pocket PC user experience at a substantial, 45% discount. Go to for more.

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Teksoft releases FingerTouch

Here's another screen keyboard for Pocket PCs with stylus only. These full screen keyboards are really handy for fast typing while on the go. I use SPB full screen keyboard on my Eten.

FingerTouch comes with the "UltraKeyboard" technology built-in, meaning that you will be able to use macros to increase typing speed, and also to trigger specific actions directly from your keyboard. Phone numbers, email addresses, web links, often used greetings and many more - FingerTouch is your number 1 choice for handling your input data!

Free: A Sonar application for Pocket PC

The SonarCE application is a real sonar for Pocket PC devices. It uses the internal Pocket PC sound system to detect echo from different obstructions. It is quite precise around 5-10 cm at distance of 10 m. The up distance is only limited by the output power of the device and the speaker. This program can be use in air or in water but in water you need external microphone and speaker closed in water proof case. The main window toolbar contains the most important functions: send one chirp, sonar loop and analyze window. More advanced functions are hidden under settings menu. Additionally program is equipped with testing functions which helps to tune the parameters crucial for the Sonar CE application. Download here:

Tipster: St3v3

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Friday, August 03, 2007

WM6 upgrade available for HTC TyTN

If your device is branded HTC TyTN, head over to to HTC website and log on to the HTc Club and download the upgrade. For those of you who have a variant of the device, do not even try because you are required to provide your IMIE.
If, like me, you own a HTC S620, be patient. It won't be long before we finally get the upgrade.

Tips: Activesync Support Code 0x85010014

If you ever come across this support code while synchronizing your device, the problem is most likely with Outlook.
I usually recommend performing a Detect & Repair in Outlook first. This feature is hidden under the Help menu. If that does not fix it, only then I recommend to completely uninstall and reinstall Outlook. Of course, make sure that you have a backup of your data. In the next tip, I'll post about what, according to me, is the best and easiest way to perform a backup of the .Pst file; This is the file that holds all data related to your Email, Calendar, Contacts etc.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

HTC Excalibur review published

If you haven't made up your mind about a new device or a replacement, read this nice review of the Excalibur.
The device is a bit thicker than the HTC S620 and has a 400mhz processor and 3G. A very sexy beast. Read the review at

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tips: How to select multiple Contacts for deletion?

This tip applies to Pocket PCs only. Multiple selection of Contacts is not built into Windows Mobile. Therefore, multiple deletion is not possible. With PPCContactsMgr v1.6, it is now possible to do that and beam several contacts or add them at once to the SIM card. This application is, you will agree, a must have. One missing feature though is the ability to send emails or SMS to multiple contacts. Download PPCContactsMgr v1.6 at

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WM6 upgrade available for Samsung i600

Known in the United States as the Blackjack, the i600 is one of the few devices to get the Windows Mobile 6 uppgrade. Samsung has chosen to release the upgrade in Russia and the Netherlands first and the others will follow soon. To learn more, go to Of course, still no upgrades from HTC.

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Camera patch for HTC Touch released

If there is a delay before the camera, Send, Delete and View icons appear after recording a video, log in to And download the patch.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Turn your phone into a webcam, has released a new application for our devices that turns them into a portable webcam. The software consists of a clent application for the device and a PC driver that can receive video feeds from a web camera including Skype, Yahoo, AOL, etc. A trial version is available and limits connections to 5 minutes and lasts one week.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tips: How to change the font color of the Today screen?

A lot of devices uses white as the default font color on the Today screen. It's not a problem as long as the background utilizes a "heavy" color. It does become problematic when using a picture as background because Windows Mobile will reduce the color to something that looks like gray. Thus, reading the Today becomes a strain for the eye.
There is a registry key that can be modified to change the font color to something else than white. This must be done after having modified the background.
In the registry go to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Color\4. Change the value to "00 00 00 00" for black or "00 00 FF 00" for blue.

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Monday, July 23, 2007

PC World publishes top 10 cell phone-PDAs

PC World has published a list of their top 10 devices actually on the market. RIM Blackberry Curve tops the list followed by two Windows Mobile powered devices from T-Mobile, namely the Wing and the Dash. Note that the list contains 4 devices powered by Windows Mobile and the other two are the Blackjack (6) and the Cingular 8525 (7). The iPhone is ranked fifth. Not a single Palm's device made it to the list though. Check out PC World website to learn more about the test and while you're there, bookmark this page:,125397-c,pdacellphonehybrids/article.html

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MobilePlanet starts selling HTC S630

Having used the HTC S620 for sometime, I can tell it's a great device and, better yet, HTC has announced a free upgrade to Windows Mobile 6. If you're looking for a even better device, then consider the HTC S630. By the look of it, it's just an amazing device. The S630 is similar to S620 except that it is "Operated by a powerful 400 MHz processor, the Cavalier keeps you connected easily with Microsoft Direct Push Technology and 3.5G HSDPA. Measuring only 13.5 mm, this slim device has a built-in high speed 802.11 b/g WiFi connection, while supporting quadband GSM/GPRS/EDGE and WCDMA UMTS/HSDPA." Trust me, this is the device you want in your pocket.
Mobile Planet has it for $564.95, while Networkingrus has it for $559.