Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Playcast for Windows 10 Mobile updated with a few fixes.

Playcast is a media player developed to allow Windows Phone users to cast movies, songs and pictures not only to Google Cast, but also to Google Cast Audio, Apple TV (AirPlay), DLNA Smart TV, Miracast, Internet Box, Xbox One, Xbox 360 etc. Playcast cost $3.99 and offers a week trial before you make the decision to buy it and I can tell it is a well worth purchase. Plus the app is regularly updated with new features and fixes. Speaking of updates, the developer, Webrox, published one a few days ago with some fixes:

  • Background audio volume bug fixed.
  • Workaround for Yamaha DLNA devices which won't show duration.

Again, Playcast is an app that I strongly recommend. Get it here in the store. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Simple, elegant and dynamic Ludo game ported to Windows by Game Trooper.

I used to play Ludo when I was a kid with my brothers and there was rarely, if never, a winner as the games always ended in a fight because one of us had cheated. In case you're wondering, it is not the author of these lines. That was a long time ago and I don't play Ludo anymore, but I'm glad to see the game ported to Windows as a Universal Windows Game under the name Ludo Blitz. We owe this to the good folks at Game Troopers who kept the game "simple and elegant, but also incredible more dynamic and unpredictable."

Key features
Shorter and casual games – ideal for your coffee breaks, or subway travels
Get ready for a completely new and challenging game every time you start playing. 
Watch your Pawns come to life – Enjoy the hi-res 3D movements and actions
6 boosters to take the fun in LUDO to a new level
2 special fields to enhance the wonderful chaos of LUDO

Ludo Blitz is free in Windows Store. However, it is possible to buy some items within the game. Check out the video about the game before heading over to the Windows Store to download Ludo Blitz.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Game Troopers releases new Los Aliens game for Windows.

Games, games and more games seem to be the motto for the folks of Game Troopers. The company seems to be releasing new games for the Windows platform every two months, with the latest being Los Aliens, a multi-level puzzle game that takes you to space for a trip à la Star Wars. Developed by Shadow Masters, Los Aliens is a Windows Universal game, meaning it is available for download on every device running Windows.

Los Alien will take you into deep space exploration seeking for new worlds. As such you will obviously encounter new civilizations and new forms of life. Being a game, things are fun but not so easy as you will need to use strategy through the 170 levels with limited moves. One thing you will want to keep an eye on is fuel of course. Running out of it and you get lost in space forever. 

Key features:
• Cross-save your progress between devices
• 170 handcrafted levels
• 18 different Pads and Creatures that completely change the gameplay
• Two types of game mode challenges: move-limited and time-limited
• 6 different aliens with super-powers to overcome the difficulties
• Easy to play but challenging to master, resolving a series of brain-twisting puzzles

• Eye-catching animated space graphics

Los Aliens is free to download in the Windows Store and contains in-app purchases.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Playcast, an awesome media player for casting videos, songs, & pictures updated with Google Cast bug fix and more.

I first blogged about Playcast back in January of this year shortly after I purchased the app so I can cast my movies to my TV through my Chromecast, which has been renamed to Google cast recently. I believe Playcast is the only app in the store to do that. After the app was released, I ran into issues where I could not play some movies from my library and fortunately, Webrox, the developer, quickly issued a fix and I can now enjoy my movies serenely. 

Playcast has been developed to allow users to cast movies, songs and pictures not only to Google Cast, but also to Google Cast Audio, Apple TV (AirPlay), DLNA Smart TV, Miracast, Internet Box, Xbox One, Xbox 360 etc. Playcast cost $3.99 and offers a week trial before you make the decision to buy it and I can tell it is a well worth purchase. Plus the app is regularly updated with new features and fixes.

Today's update does not include any new features, but the developer added the following fixes:

  • Chromecast (Google Cast) bug fixes (was due to the new firmware)
  • Crash fix (bug in UWP: Crash while going to full screen sometimes)
  • DLNA server better handled (MonkeyServer)
  • Few minor bug fixes in UI.
Go check out Playcast in the store. Playcast is a Universal Windows App. Buy it once and use on your Windows Phone and Windows PC.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Twitter for Windows 10 Mobile gets a new beautiful design, content discovery, Moments and more.

Well that is kind of unexpected. Twitter today released a major update for Windows 10 Mobile totally making it beautiful and also bringing some new features that makes the app identical to its PC sibling. It even got the little heart in replacement of the star to 'Like' a Tweet. Really, the design is beautiful and on par with Twitter apps on other platforms with the addition of the black theme, which is not available on Android and iOS. Unfortunately, switching to black theme is not app specific and cannot be done in the app settings, is related to the system theme. There's also no way to navigate horizontally to switch between the different pivot screen. Overall, it remains a nice update and I expect it will get better in a future update.

Check out the full change log and update the app in the Windows Store:
Find the best of Twitter in an instant with Moments. Follow top stories through immersive pics, clips and conversations. Get insights and perspectives you won't find anywhere else. 
- Find the best of Twitter in an instant. 
- Get exclusive pics, clips and conversations. 
- Express yourself with a Tweet. 
- Find people and accounts that interest you. 
- Hello from this part of the world! 
- See the moment.

Friday, March 04, 2016

Microsoft adds camera translation for Arabic to Translator app for Windows Phone.

Last Monday I blogged about Microsoft updating its Translator app for Windows Phone with camera translation support for Romanian, Slovak and Serbia Cyrillic. Today, the Translator app for Windows Phone was again updated and this time Microsoft added camera translation for Arabic bringing the app version to 4.2. That is all there is to it. 

You can get the update here.

Microsoft has a slew of updates for its Facebook app for Windows Phone.

Facebook, the world's dominant social network, received a slew of updates on the Windows Phone 8, 8.1 and 10 platforms. The app is developed and maintained by Microsoft unlike other platforms where Facebook builds its own app. This update proves that Microsoft has been hard at work to bring some much needed features to the app and that will certainly please those who use Facebook exclusively on Windows Phone. Check out the full change log below and head over to the Windows Phone store to update Facebook.

Version Notes:
· Profile post editing 
· Cover photo management 
· Profile picture management 
· Threaded comments 
· Comment reply functionality 
· Album comment functionality 
· Create new albums via post composer 
· Share content to external sources 
· News Feed improvements 
· Interactive notification improvements 
· Contact sync improvements 
· Date & time localization improvements 
· Stability improvements 
· Improvements to Continuum experience 
· Bug fixes

Monday, February 29, 2016

Microsoft Translator updated with camera translation for Romanian, Slovak & Serbia Cyrillic, translation pack for Kiswahili.

Using your Windows Phone camera for translation is a feature we now take for granted and with Microsoft adding support for more languages, its Translator app is a required tool to keep handy when traveling. The world is a global village after all. Microsoft has updated the Translator app for Windows Phone, bringing the version number to 4.1 with the following new features:

- Camera translation for Romanian, Slovak and Serbian Cyrillic 
- Online translation and offline translation pack for Kiswahili

Microsoft added support for Kiswahili - better known as Swahili - in October last year. Back then the language was available in text form only.

The update is available in the Windows Phone store for download.