Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Pocket PC and Smartphone heading toward the exit

It is now official that the next version of Microsoft Mobile OS will ship as Windows Mobile 6. But this is not the only change from Redmond. Based on reports, Microsoft has decided to change the name designations of our device as well. Therefore, The Smartphone edition will be known as Standard edition; Pocket PC will become Classic edition; and Pocket PC Phone edition will become Professional Edition. Question: What’s the strategy behind this name change?

Source: SmartphoneToday

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Direct Push: Setting up a Mail2Web account

I have been using Mail2web for over a month now and I’t works great. For those of you, who want to have free Direct Push on the PDA/Smartphone, consider Mail2Web. In this article I’ll actually enumerate the different steps needed to get you up and running in no time.

Before going any further, make sure your device has Microsoft Security Feature Pack (MSFP). If your device is running AKU2.0 or higher, then you’re set. Of course, you must have Windows Mobile 5.0

The next step requires setting up an account on Select the Signup link and fill in your details. Be careful, the username and display name you will type on this screen will be part of your email account. When you’re done setting up your account, you will get the settings required to configure your pda.

Configure Activesync on your device.
On your device, open Activesync and on the menu select Configure Server. In the Server Address text box, type: Check This server requires an encrypted (SSL) connection. Click Next. Under User Name, type the username: and your password. The Domain name is ad2. Click Next.

The next screen gives you a list of options to synchronize. Four items are listed there: Contacts, Calendar, Email and Tasks. Select the items you need and click Finish. Automatically Activesync will start synchronizing with Mail2web server.

You might want to set a schedule for Activesync to connect to the server. Click Menu > Schedule. Set the option to Send outgoing items immediately. Depending on your needs you can set your device to sync during peak times As items arrive, manually, ever 15 minutes or every hour. My peak time is set to sync As items arrive and my Off-peak times is set to sync every 1 hour.
The Peak times is also configurable. In the schedule window, click Menu and select Peak Times. On this screen you can set the Peak days, and the Peak Time. My Peak days are Monday through Friday from 08:00AM to 07:00PM.

You now have Direct Push on your device. Enjoy.

HTC Smartphone with 7-inch display?

The HTC Atena is not yet out and already Smartphonetoday has a story about a new Smartphone from HTC with 7 inch display. Now, that would be awesome and make the no-name phone from Apple be history. "the new model will have an even larger touch screen than the already large 5-inch type in Athena. The as-of-yet unnamed device will sport a 7-inch display, which is huge for any smartphone, let alone a Windows Mobile model." The article states that this device will ship in the second quarter. Can't wait...


HTC X7500 aka HTC Althea specs

Take 1 Intel Bulverde 624 hz cpu add 128 meg of ram, add a 3 MegaPixel camera(with LED flash!) Wifi GPS and a 640X480 display (backed up with an ATI graphics chip!!) and you have one sweet HTC ... phone ? laptop? what ever it is i want i want i want.

This is the specs for the new HTC X7500, the specs are available for viewing on various sites. I tell you what this will give iPhone a really good run for its money.

some reports also suggest the keyboard is detachable (nothing mentioned in the PDF i have though)

There is still no price or word on availablity date but this is one that im keeping an eye out for.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Try Scissors mobile for Smartphone/Pocket PC

Scissors mobile adds a useful feature to Outlook Mobile which is the ability to copy, Cut and paste between your different messaging accounts, between tasks, and contacts. Download here

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Free 3D Golf Game

Microsoft rule at the best of times, when they give away free games then they really rock. There is one thing missing from this game and thats the club house. you can choose from 6 animated characters and 3 different courses, just dont forget to yell "four" when you tee off. you can download the full version from here for smartphone or pocket pc.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Top 10 Global Wireless Predictions for 2007 from inCode

This is a must read article on MobiletechNews website. The part I like most is this:
Operators Go Back to Basics and Finally Get Them Right. Battery life. Coverage holes. E911 access. Confusing bills. Frustrating customer service. Wireless consumers have heard all about new high-end services that add to their monthly charges. But they're still beefing about niggling problems that detract from the user experience. With penetration higher than ever worldwide, the wireless industry needs to make big strides in quality, efficiency and customer service. inCode wants improvements in device component technology and an intense focus on smoothing and simplifying the entire wireless value chain.

An then there's this: By the end of the year, China finally starts issuing 3G licenses. Wireless technologies are developed and deployed first in China and India, rather than Europe and North America as in the past. The result is a significant shift in industrial influence.

Read more

Thank you Argentinian Tipster :)

Release of Microsoft Portrait 3.0

Thanks God It's Friday. What is Microsoft Portrait? Well, in a nutshell, it's an interesting piece of software that brings video conferencing to any device running WM5. No need to have 3G, Portrait works better.

Version 3.0 Beta for Pocket PC has been released. It is for devices running Microsoft Window Mobile 2005 with ARM series CPUs. Now it can support any built-in or plug-in cameras and even choose one from among multiple cameras.

Microsoft Portrait technology is available for commercial licensing.

Microsoft Portrait is a research prototype for mobile video communication. It supports .NET Messenger Service, Session Initiation Protocol and Internet Locator Service on PCs, Pocket PCs, Handheld PCs and Smartphone. It runs on local area networks, dialup networks and even wireless networks with bandwidths as low as 9.6 kilobits/second. Microsoft Portrait delivers portrait-like video if users are in low bandwidths and displays full-color video if users are in broadband. In low bandwidths, portrait video possesses clearer shape, smoother motion, shorter latency and much cheaper computational cost than do conventional video technologies. Microsoft Portrait pursues providing presence notification, chat/voice/video functions anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Have a good week end all.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Vista theme for PPC/Smartphone

Do you want nicer look and feel on your mobile smartphone?
More useful and easier for all your daily needs?
See on this program. It displays all information in one conveniently screen.
It simulates rich Windows VistaTM interface in a small screen of mobile device, includes Sidebar.
This program was designed for Microsoft Smartphone devices with landscape screens, basically.
There is no reason at all, to not use it in other mobile devices with Windows Mobile system.
Specially, because it doesn't use touch-sensitivity screen for daily operating, but hardware keys only.

And YES! It's freeware in base functionalities, forever.

Download here

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The real Bluejack - What is it for?

This is a software that has loads of features and is quite cheap, only $6. So far so good, but I haven’t figured out its real purpose and usefulness. Why would I want to use a nearby device to send a sms, access its phonebook? The primary question being, why I would want to give access to any individual to access my contacts and send stuff on my behalf. Anyway, I intend to test it and maybe I’ll come with some use for it.


OBEX FTP Mode. You can browse target-device filesystem: download, upload and delete files, create new folders.

AT Mode. You can send AT commands to the target-device to control it: you can dial a number, send SMS, read phonebook and SMS, and many other features.

IrMC Mode. You can get phonebook and organizer from the target-device. It’s much faster, then AT, but not supported by all phones.

Send BT messages. It’s an easy and free way to communicate with people nearby! Maybe you’ve seen this feature in Sniper or Mobiluck? So it’s the same.

Send files. Sample sending files over bluetooth, as most of filemanagers does… But! You can send several files! There is no need to search for the device every time you want to send something! It’s up to TWO TIMES FASTER than sending files via filemanagers.

Recieving files. If you have an HTC based device, you know, that all the incoming files are stored in device storage. It’s a really bad thing, when you want to recieve large 20 Mb file. No more saving files to storage!!! The Real Bluejack can recieve files directly into Storage Card! The method, used in The Real Bluejack differs from that, used in moBlue. They first recieved file into RAM memory, and then saved it to the destination place, so the maximum file size is limited with amount of free RAM. The Real Bluejack writes file directly to the destination place!

A trial for both Pocket PC and Smartphone is available here.

TCPMP v0.72RC1 - Watch movies with subtitles

The Core Pocket Media Player is an open-source media player for Windows CE / Windows Mobile-based devices. It's free and plays almost any media file format out there. Download TCPMP here.

This article provides the steps required to watch movies with subtitles on your Pocket PC.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Microsoft CEO Takes On Apple's iPhone - By J. Nicholas Hoover (InformationWeek )

Now it's Steve Ballmer's turn to add his 2 cents to the Iphone saga. I'm not going to comment on this and just let you read.


Ballmer also specifically pointed to the iPhone's lack of a keyboard as a potential drawback for heavy e-mailers. "If you want to send e-mail, touchscreens are okay," he says. "We have touchscreen-based devices, but I think keyboards are generally preferred for people who do much typing." Read more

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The iPhone, My 2 cents

i couldn't 'not say anything about this little, well this little publicity stunt. Lets go back, wayyyyy back to a time when personal computers were still a rather novel concept. Apple had the world at its feat in those early years it looked like nothing could stop it... except stupidity. Yes i speak of the Apple Lisa, that was and always will be the problem with Apple. Great ideas i mean some companies really have ideas Apple has great ideas, and really bad follow up. The Apple Lisa was first sold in 1983 with a price tag of $9,995 it was too expensive but it had the concept of being a fun business computer.

Now lets look at the iPhone, in the past week I've seen a number of prices most recently a price of $2,000 (US) depending which plan you go on. When it was first released i was reading about $499 (US) for the 4 gig version.
Point 1: if i own a 20gig ipod why do i need a 4 gig phone?

Last reports I've read also indicate that there will be no secondary software support, shame really it looks like nice hardware in the adverts which brings me to point number 2. Steve Jobbs showed off some really easy ways to use the phone, you touch the screen with your finger.
Point 2: so do i on my pocket PC! Granted it has multi touch but the screen doesn't look that big and when are you going to use 2 fingers on it at once?

Current reports also suggest that there is an ARM CPU,
Point 3: My Pocket PC uses an ARM CPU!

All in all I'm going to give this 2 big thumbs down, I'll make this call early. i think all Apple has managed to do is redeliver something we already have and really don't need. The proof will be of course once these go on public sale ill make the prediction now and say that people will get caught up in the hype for the first week but will be bitterly disappointed in months to come.

High Seas: Guns & Gold

ARGHHH meheartys, Tis the year 1695 and you have a ship with guns and with gold a plenty to plunder (or trade goods for, plunder is more fun). You can upgrade your ship with bigger and better sails guns and crew or even go hunting for some rum and a mighty sea battle. Its either sink or swim in this addictive game. Trail version available here or purchase the full version here, Aye from ye Pocketgear, arrrr

MMPOG programming using Pocket pc

This is rather unique as i havent seen many people write reviews on this topic, but some background first. One of my collegues mid last year asked me to do some work on a 6000 X 6000 pixel map for an online game he has been working on for some time, seeing as how most of my free time is spent in transit to and from work each day i decided to cut the map into chunks and use my stylus to design the map pixel by pixel using my pocket pc. A few weeks after that i started learning a scripting language called python to build a client for the game. Again back to using the pocket pc i found the IDLE compiler for python language (available here for PCs) was ported into windows CE, combine that with CHM reader (available here) and you got yourself everything you need to program python on the go. The CE version of python is missing a few things of its bigger cousin versions but all basic functions are available. The chm reader is only a trial version but the python compilers are all free to download.

W-Soft: Export your Contacts

This application is free and does what the title says and only that for now. Yes indeed, you can export your Contacts to a HTML or XML file as a backup. But the oddity is that you cannot import them back if you're trying to recover from a major crash. Relax, the developer has this announcement on his/her website: "I’m going to add importing feature in future version!".

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wearable Finger-Based Cellphone Concept

This is going to be quite handy (haha). Im hopefull that this concept actually gets used sometime soon before i decide to buy a roll out bluetooth keyboard. Each finger joint makes up twelve buttons, with “the knuckle button”, using the cell phone's 3X4 keypad. From the developers website "A wearable mobile device for enhanced chatting. It introduces a new wearable device that anyone can communicate with that is easier and lighter in mobile circumstances corresponding to the 3.5G, 4G communication standard. Human hand is the most basic communication method." which you can see here..

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Safeboot for Pocket PC

This is a nice utility to help you fix your device in situations it won't boot normally. Safeboot2 will boot your Pocket PC without starting any third party applications you have installed. Very useful if you installed a buggy application. Safeboot2 is distributed as a shareware and is available for Pocket PC only. You must purchase a license after 14 days of use. More here...

Want to know why you just can't store PIM data to SD cards?

This is an interesting article posted by Mike Calligaro from the Windows mobile team blog about everything you want to know about SD cards. The article also explains why Windows Mobile doesn't let you store PIM data to your SD card. Read here.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The final word about moving PIM.Vol

PIM.Vol is a database used by Pocket Outlook to store data from your Calendar, Contacts, Inbox and tasks. By default, this file is stored in the memory of your device. The more Personal data you store on your PPC/Smartphone, the bigger PIM.Vol grows. There is no other way to circumvent that. If you have something like 500 to 1000 contacts, PIM.Vol will grow in size to accommodate them.
I keep receiving emails or see a lot of posts on the net about moving PIM.Vol to the Storage Card to make more space in memory. Let me tell you why this is not possible:

1. You CANNOT move PIM.Vol to the Storage Card. This is by design. There is no registry tweak that will help, nor any other third party application. All other PIM apps use the default PIM.Vol database.

2. Reading from the storage card is much slower.

If you manage to move PIM.Vol to your storage card, the system will automatically create a new empty one in memory. Meaning that all your data will move along to the Storage card. If you access your contacts, it will be empty. Basically you can move PIM.Vol, but Outlook Mobile will still look in memory for the database.

Hope this little note helps.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Documents to Go for WM5 Smartphone Edition

Great, I will finally be able to edit my documents and, to a lesser extent, my spreadsheets on my HTC S620. Documents to go has not been released yet, but a preview is available. I will try it out and post a review soon. "Documents To Go is the first and only mobile office editor for Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone Edition on the market today. Now you can view, edit and create Microsoft® Word, Excel and PowerPoint® files, view Adobe® PDF files as well as unzip files on your smartphone no matter where your personal or professional life takes you."

The iPhone is impressive

The iPhone can be seen on Apple's website. The design looks great and I think Microsoft should seriously consider this as a threat. I love my Pocket PC and Smartphone, but I must admit that there is still some work to do in terms of ease of use. Some of the specs of the iPhone are impressive - 4 or 8 GB storage for exemple. And if the iPhone is to have the same success as the iPod...

Monday, January 08, 2007

Free Task Editor for Smartphone

As I wrote in a previous post, Windows Mobile Smartphone edition is quite limited if compared to the Pocket PC version. However it works great as a phone, which is, after all, its main purpose. One of its limitation is the fact that you just can't edit your Tasks directly on the Smartphone, unless you do it on your desktop. MccTasks changes that. It's a free task editor that can work as your default Tasks application if you choose to. Above all, it will also synchronize with your PC. You can download it free here.

Sunday, January 07, 2007


"Louis lives a happy life in a small village with his wife Anne. but what lies behind?" This is one long game, and no action at all here. Remember those old click gamer style games (sorta like monkey island) well this is one of them, i quite liked this game right up to the final 2 levels where i eventually grabbed an online walkthrough to finish (available here...) You can buy here via clickgamer, or grab the trial here.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Txtman - A threaded SMS program

Txtman is a free software that lets you send/receive sms using instant messaging threads. This app is not the first to appear on the net, but the difference with the others is that this one has been built ground up while others are merely hacked version from Palm's world. While the app is free, the author accepts donations and feddbacks. Go to his website and read the instructions carefully before installing the application. Note that Txtman works on both Pocket PC and Smartphone running Windows Mobile 5.

The new year is here. So is my HTC S620.

I’m back after a short, but enjoyable, holiday during which I had no access to internet. Life is weird without access to the world but I was lucky to have my HTC S620, a.k.a Dash. Now I have both a Pocket PC (Eten M500 with WM5) and a Smartphone. I’m not going to write a review of my new acquisition since there are plenty out there already. One thing I’d like to say is that Windows Mobile Smartphone Edition is very limited in functionality. Future version of the OS will have a unique flavor. Microsoft will bring what is best from the Pocket PC world and blend it with what is best from the Smartphone world. Meaning we’ll have a “Super OS”.
HTC has done a great job with the S620. This is my first device with a QWERTY keyboard and it’s great for typing emails and sms. The lack of touchscreen technology is a pain, making me think that the Treos are actually a “perfect” Pocket PC/Smartphone combination. Since I don’t want to end my first post of the year with a negative appreciation, one thing that’s really good with the S620 is the back cover. I just can’t stop caressing it.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Redial v1.02

This is one of those little free handy apps that we like so much. Redial can redial a busy number at scheduled intervals which is handy for those people you try to ring who dont have an answering serivce, You can download for free here... dont forget to tip the developer if you like it alot.

Monday, January 01, 2007


This is a high paced and action packed lil blockbuster, Now ive played these kind of overhead view car racing games before and have never been very impressed aka micromachines. but this little serving from the good people that bring us Skyforce its very very addictive, the full version comes with alot of things that need to be unlocked (different modes, which will then give you tires armor and more weapons). You can get the trial version from Here... and the full version from Here...