Thursday, August 18, 2016

WhatsApp for Windows Phone updated with links rich preview.

It's been a while since I saw an update for WhatsApp for Windows. There seems to be a lot more updates for the beta version of the app, but very few for the official app. Now it may be a misconception on my part, especially that I'm not part of the beta program. Today WhatsApp published an update that brings a somewhat useful feature when sharing or receiving links within the app.

Users who share or receive a link will now include a rich preview. This feature can be removed when sending a link.

Check out the update in the Windows Store

Evernote explains how the Basic accounts two-devices limit works.

This year Evernote changed its subscription plan and caused some confusion for those who chose to subscribe to the free basic offering. Evernote stated that Basic users can access Evernote on two devices only, prompting long time users to validly ask how devices are actually counted. And Evernote kindly obliged by sending out a short explanatory email to its subscribers.

Evernote made it clear that the app can be installed on as many devices users own. However, Basic subscribers can only access the note-taking service on any two devices at a time. If a user is already logged on two devices and wants to launch Evernote on a third one, the user will first have to logoff on one of the previously logged on devices. If that is too cumbersome, users can always access Evernote Web on any device with an internet connection.

Download Evernote for your devices: Apple Store | Google Play Store | Windows Store

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Microsoft Sway for Windows 10 update makes it easier to find and view featured Sways and more.

Sway is a presentation program made my Microsoft and is a member of its Office suite of applications available free as a stand alone app in the Windows Store. Sway is also available on the web for those who do not own a Windows PC and as an app in Apple store

In order to use Sway, a Microsoft account is needed and allows users to create digital presentations in a website format from content stored locally on the computer or from the internet. No particular skills are required to create sways, simply add your content and Sway will do the rest and contents include a variety of file types ranging from simple text to images, videos, GIFs, maps, tweets, vines etc.

Microsoft has updated the app for Windows with the following features:
- My Sways - We’ve redesigned the My Sways page to make it easier to find your Sways and view featured Sways. 
- Maximize Storyline - You can now hide the Preview pane for a more focused editing experience. 
 - Accessibility Support - We've made several improvements including better screen reader, high contrast, and keyboard support. We've also added an accessibility checker that flags alt text and hyperlink issues, and makes it easy for you to fix them immediately. 
- Miscellaneous — We’ve fixed several bugs in this release. 

I strongly recommend you give Sway a try as it will let you create some great presentations to share with family, friends and colleagues. Sway is also an excellent tool for collaboration as sways are stored on Microsoft servers, making them available on any device with an internet connection. Check it out in the Windows Store.