Tuesday, July 28, 2015

6tag updated with Windows 10 design and improved search.

6tag, the unofficial but full-featured Instagram app for Windows Phone has been updated today, bumping the app version to 5.5. The app interface has been updated to match the Windows 10 design. The search feature has also been improved so "you can search places and search user/hashtags/places at the same time." Note that the official Instagram app for Android received a similar update on the 20th of July. The last item in the change log is about a feature that lets user "press and hold the camera button in the application bar to directly select a file." 

I have not been able to update the app yet, even though it shows an update is available. I'm not sure if there's something broken with the store, but tapping update button opens 6tag instead. All my devices are running Windows 10 Mobile, so that could also be an issue. Has anyone been able to update 6tag?

Download the update in the Windows Phone Store

Friday, July 24, 2015

Game Troopers releases teaser trailer for new game: Abyss

Game Troopers is one game company which seriously believe Windows Phone has a future despite all that has been said recently after Microsoft fired nearly 8000 employees and write off some $7 billion. Check out Game Troopers titles for Windows Phone, some of them are free and others available at a decent price.

Today Game Troopers has announced a new title called Abyss. The game has yet to be published to the store, which Games Troopers says will happen next week. "In abyss you will control Nep2no, a biochemical robot created by humans to explore the depths of the ocean in seek of a new source of energy called 'Gaia'."

Abyss has 20 levels with achievements and leaderboard so you can compete against your friends. The game will cost $2.99 on launch and will support 512MB devices.

Game Troopers has posted a teaser video to their Youtube channel to keep you waiting patiently until next week.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Dropbox for Windows Phone gets recent tab, in-app video streaming and more.

Dropbox for Windows Phone received a few nice updates today. First in the list is the recent tab. This is the one location where users will be able to see their last activities on Dropbox, such as "anything you’ve viewed, uploaded, renamed, or edited, on that device or on dropbox.com. The files you’re most likely to need on the go will always be front and center." So much to help you be more productive on the go.

Second in the change log, is about invitation for your friends to subscribe to Dropbox. Anytime friend signs in to Dropbox using a referral you sent within the app, both you and the friend will receive free storage. The log does not mention the amount of storage both will benefit, but more storage, and free, is always welcome.

This update also brings video streaming to the app. As from now on, there is no need to download a video first before watching; start streaming right from the cloud and save time.

Check out the rest of the change log below and then proceed to the Windows Phone store to update or download the official Dropbox app for Windows Phone for free:
• Save web links to your Dropbox
• Open internet shortcuts
• Add a text viewer
• New option for favorites: view in parent folder
• Bug fixes and performance improvements

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Sendtiment for Windows Phone gets new UI and new 4th of July, summer & yoga cards.

Traditional post cards are something of the past and that's undeniable. With the emergence of the internet, every aspect of our lives have changed, even the way we socialize, share our love and wishes. I'm not saying the traditional post card is dead, they are still out there and they serve more as souvenir cards of our travels. It's so easy nowadays to just snap a photo with our phones and share it online with our families. Thankfully the postcard has evolved and fully embraced modern technology. Sendtiment is a great example of that transformation.

Sendtiment - the d is silent - is a free app that is available free on Windows Phone and iOS. Initially a Windows Phone exclusive, Sendtiment lets users send everything from personalized postcards, invitations, notes in a colorful way right on their Windows phones. The app is beautifully designed and lets you easily share your art work through the major social networks or with traditional email and text. 

Users can choose among the quite large database of professionally designed digital cards or pick a photo on their phones and design their own card very easily. And Sendtiment has a card for every occasions: Thank You, Love, Invitations, Hello Greetings, Happy Birthday, Happy Holidays, Independence, 4th of July, Sorry, Baby, Engagement, Wedding, Marriage, Announcement, Graduation, Support, Summer, Sushi, Yoga. Quite an assortment to choose from.

Sendtiment has been updated today with the following changes:
* Refreshed UI to match our new brand identity
* Bug squashes - blame it on the summer heat that brings out all the bugs
* Add a couple of new cards because summer + yoga + 4th of July

Before you go into the Windows Phone store to download Sendtiment, I just want to share small piece of history about postcards: The very first postcard was a hand-painted card posted in Fulham, London in 1840. In 2002, the card was sold for...31,750 Pound Sterling.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

myTuner Radio for Windows Phone now supports installation to storage card.

If you like music and live in Mauritius, it can be quite frustrating not to be able to buy songs on Windows Phone and Android. But thanks to apps like myTuner Radio, we have access to 30,000 radio stations from more than 120 countries for free. This is great, but these type of apps/services require an internet connection and does not work offline. And not everyone has unlimited data or access to data everywhere. But until Microsoft opens up their vast song library to Mauritians, myTuner Radio is one of the many alternatives to listen to radios worldwide.

myTuner Radio was updated today which allow users to install the app to their storage card. An addition that will please owners of devices with low memory. The change log also states the database has been updated for fresh install with this between parentheses: Remember that the database is updated while the app is opened." I'm not sure what that means.

The update brings myTuner Radio to version 2015.615.843.4530 which is available free as a universal app in Windows and Windows Phone store.