Saturday, April 30, 2016

Game Troopers releases new Los Aliens game for Windows.

Games, games and more games seem to be the motto for the folks of Game Troopers. The company seems to be releasing new games for the Windows platform every two months, with the latest being Los Aliens, a multi-level puzzle game that takes you to space for a trip à la Star Wars. Developed by Shadow Masters, Los Aliens is a Windows Universal game, meaning it is available for download on every device running Windows.

Los Alien will take you into deep space exploration seeking for new worlds. As such you will obviously encounter new civilizations and new forms of life. Being a game, things are fun but not so easy as you will need to use strategy through the 170 levels with limited moves. One thing you will want to keep an eye on is fuel of course. Running out of it and you get lost in space forever. 

Key features:
• Cross-save your progress between devices
• 170 handcrafted levels
• 18 different Pads and Creatures that completely change the gameplay
• Two types of game mode challenges: move-limited and time-limited
• 6 different aliens with super-powers to overcome the difficulties
• Easy to play but challenging to master, resolving a series of brain-twisting puzzles

• Eye-catching animated space graphics

Los Aliens is free to download in the Windows Store and contains in-app purchases.