Thursday, January 30, 2014

6snap gets zoom ability, indicators and more.

The SnapChat third party client for Windows Phone, 6snap, got another round of update today. 6snap now supports zooming. Like any camera-enabled app, users will be able to zoom in or out before taking a picture. Indicators have also been added to show when snaps are in a pending state or being replayed by the a receiver. Better support for story support of videos with text and drawing.

6snap is available free in the Windows Phone Store.

Friday, January 24, 2014

IM+ for Windows Phone improved.

IM+ is an app that groups together several platforms. In one place you can initiate a chat session with Skype, Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, AIM, Facebook, Yandex IM etc. The app supports push notifications and can help save some precious space on your Windows Phone.

Check out the change log:

- Option to change group chat topic
- Option to lock display orientation
- View timeline from contact’s info
- Quick Voice messages
- Location messages – share your location via IM+
- Favorite contacts – add favorite contacts from different services in one group
- Bug fixes and performance improvements

Source: Windows Phone Store

6snap (SnapChat) and 6tag(Instagram) updated.

Two mighty third party apps for Windows Phone have been updated. Both apps have been developed by Rudy Hyun, the most prolific Windows Phone developer I know. This guy is probably more busy than the president of the United States and yet he finds the time to create new apps while updating current ones. 

Before Instagram even considered building an official app for Windows Phone, Rudy Hyun had a full featured client for my favourite mobile platform. Instagram recently released an official client for Windows Phone in beta version. It is one client that utterly sucks when compared to Rudy's fully dedicated work.

Rudy has updated two of his most popular apps today.

6snap (SnapChat)
- View snaps without holding the screen (option in settings)
- add new snapchat captcha when create a new account 
- optimize performance

6tag (Instagram)
- Save instagram videos to your Skydrive
- bug fixes

View shared PowerPoint presentation with Lync 2013 update for Windows Phone.

Microsoft published an update for Lync 2013 app for Windows Phone. The new features lets you view shared PowerPoint presentation during a Lync meeting and control Lync with your voice.

Lync is an enterprise software that replaces Office Communicator and Windows Messenger. There's a client version for Windows 7, Windows Phone, Android and iOS. The multi-platform app is free.

What’s new in version 5.3:
•         View shared PowerPoint presentation during a Lync Meeting
•         Control Lync with your voice - Join a meeting and play a voice mail

Source: Windows Phone Store

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Phonly for Windows Phone supports articles download without IE and Mobilizer.

Phonly is a third party client for Feedly, the app that replaced Google Reader after the Mountain View company closed the service last year. Feedly took over and made the app available for Android devices. Unfortunately they did not have one for Windows Phone. However, a Windows Phone Dev built a client called Phonly, which went out of beta recently and is constantly being updated with new features.

In an update posted today, the ability to save articles without Internet Explorer or Mobilizer. With the reading settings enabled, users can read articles offline. Another nice addition is the ability to select an article to mark those above it as read.

What's New in version
• Download full article without opening Internet Explorer or mobilizer (must be enabled in 'Reading Settings')
• Tap and hold an article in a list to 'Mark above as read'
• New settings page layout
• Updated login page background
• Bug-fixes

Source: Windows Phone Store

WeChat updated with support for 100 members group.

WeChat is a very popular multi-platform messaging service in far east countries. It is a strong competitor to the ikes of Skype,WhatsApp with 300 million active users. As with WhatsApp, a phone number is required to register and start using WeChat to chat, share pictures and videos with your friends whether they be on iOS, Android, Symbian and Windows Phone.

WeChat for Windows Phone got updated today with the ability to create groups with up to 100 members. Check out the change log:

What's New in WeChat 5.1
- Increase your group's capacity to 100 members
- Forward more than one messages at a time
- Press and hold stickers to preview them before downloading
- Show messages not sent in the chat list

WeChat is available free in the Windows Phone Store.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

WhatsApp for Windows Phone now supports Hindi.

WhatsApp has been updated today to version 2.11.350 with the usual bug fixes.  Additionally, WhatsApp is now capable of handling Hindi language, which I can only assume will please Indians and every Hindi speaking individuals on this planet.

WhatsApp boast 400 million users. It is a free app to download on the Windows Phone store. The popular messaging app is not free after one year of use and cost $0.99 per year, which is pretty cheap in my opinion.

Friday, January 03, 2014

6snap update: Draw on videos and more...A lot more.

6snap is the full featured Snapchat client for Windows Phone. For those who bother about official clients, I recommend you try 6snap. As Shakespeare wrote, what's in a name. 6snap was updated today with the following features:

- draw on videos!
- add multi-line texts on videos
- support add text on landscape videos
- remove "white space" when you click on friend
- remove ads just after payment, no need to restart the app

Download the update here.

6tag update: Save Instagram videos to your SkyDrive.

Some developers rest on their laurels, others don't. Rudy Huyn is one of those developers who almost relentless work on improving their apps. Before Facebook and Instagram made up their mind to provide a beta app for Windows Phone, Rudy Huyn had 6tag, an excellent Instagram client. The app is still my favorite Instagram client app on my Windows Phone.

6tag was updated yesterday that lets users save Instagram videos to their SkyDrive. I have never used the video feature of Instagram, just like I'm not a fan of Vine, but I'm pretty sure this added feature will be welcomed by the fans. The update also includes the usual bug fixes.

The update is available free for download in the Windows Phone Store.