Thursday, May 31, 2007

Palm's new device and Microsoft Surface

Palm has announced a new Linux based powered device yesterday. Learn more about it at

Check out Microsoft's multi touch technology at

With all these announcements, can't wait to see what HTC has in store for us. As a reminder, HTC will announce new devices on May 5.

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Free: Write memos right from the Today screen and more

Here are a couple of utilities that are worth downloading. Hand write memo lets write and draw directly on the Today screen. Then, there is Quick Memo which will display your reminders on the Today screen also. It will stay there until you remove it. Check out this website for some more cool software for Pocket PCs:

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Coming soon: Samsung SGH-i620

MobileGazette has posted a nice article and pictures of the not yet announced Samsung SGH-i620. The device looks good but turns out a bit awkward when opening up the QWERTY sliding keyboard. Read more at

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Free: XnView for your Pocket PC

This is a nice utility that lets you "visualize, organize and improve your images and photos". It also "writes images" in different popular format. I'm not a fan of image-editing software, but this one seems to be full of interesting features. Read more on

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Palm to announce new mobile device on May 30

Jeff Hawkins, founder of Palm Inc., will announce new mobile devices through a webcast on May 30. The press release contained no information at all about the devices. So I cannot tell whether they will Windows Mobile powered devices. The press release does mention that the webcast will "describe a new category of mobile device". Stay tuned.

Read the press release at

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Monday, May 28, 2007

HTC will announce new devices in June

We have got accustomed to HTC announcing new cool devices, but this time this announcement "heralds a new mobile experience that will change the way we use and control our phones". I just hope this is going to be truly revolutionary as I plan to purchase a new pda to replace my Eten M500. The announcement date is the 5th of June. Let's wait and see. Read more at

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Tips: Cannot uninstall software because files are in use.

I received an email yesterday from someone being unable to remove software from his device because some files are in use. It is best practice to always reboot the device before performing a software removal. The email also stated that the program did not appear in the Memory list. This means that the program is closed but some files are still in memory and only an advanced Task Manager will show running processes. If you have one, you will be able to identify the files associated to the program you want to remove. But sometimes this is not quite obvious and you might end up stopping the wrong process and render your device inoperable.
The recommend way to go about removing a software is first to perform a soft reset of the device. This will clean up memory of any running processes. This way, no errors will show up and you'll have a smooth uninstall.

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Friday, May 25, 2007

TCPMP plugins to play flash files on your Pocket PC

Very often, I get people asking me if there is a way to play flash files on a Pocket PC. My answer was, obviously, a source of despair to them (sorry for the exageration:)). The good news is that this is now possible if you use TCPMP. A new plugin is available at That will let you download Youtube video directly to your PPC and play the flash file without conversion.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Take full control of your pda with Communication Manager Pro

The developer of this application is looking for beta testers to test Communication Manager Pro. This software will automatically switch profile on your pda phone depending on your location. In my opinion this software is going to be a hit. It is even possible to set a time limit on the use of internet connectivity for GPRS and 3G. I strongly you check it out as there are much more features to it. Go to To learn more.

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Free: acbTaskMan for Smartphone released

A few months ago, acbPocketSoft released acbTaskman for Pocket PC. It's great to see that they have ported this cool application to Smartphone devices too. One of the features I like most with acbTaskMan is the ability to track which software is draining the battery.
acbTaskMan is free. Payment of $7.95 is required for added functionality. More on

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hero of Lukomorye Chapter I

This is an exciting new expansion for The Quest dont let the name put you off this expansion is very very hard. For those that have been playing the quest series the monsters in this expansion cover from levels 16-25 in the demo and levels 25-50 in the full version.

Dont let the graphics fool you, for what it offers in gameplay more than covers the 80s style graphics. You can download the quest main game trial version on the quest link above and you can download a trial version for Lukomorye here..

Firehawk 1.01

These scrolling shooter games are a dime a dozen (almost as bad as sodoku) but this i will easily put on par with Skyforce. This offers 3 different ship types each with different bomb and fire abilities each needed to cover the massive 6 levels (each with a level boss) mix that with some smooth scrolling graphics and you got one retro arcade style blockbuster. You can download the trial here...

Warfare Inc.

This is my all time favourite game on the pocket pc, it was one of the first games i played and i recently dusted it off to give it a spin. For those that remember the old stratergy clasics like Command and Conquer this is the game for you! Collect resources, build factories, produce tanks and weapons to kick ass in 14 Missions 6 bonus missions this is one of the very few games that also offers bluetooth mulitplayer for upto 4 people. You can download the trial version from here... for a number of hand held devices.

Astraware Tradewinds

I picked up a copy of this a few days ago and having played Guns and Gold previously was quite keen to give it a whirl. I must say i wasnt too impressed with the Graphics or gameplay. The graphics lack a certain something in its simplistic animation and quite often the scenes that are animated leave you thinking that the game is only half finished, Equally the gameplay has a few gaps including the save functionality which will let you save at moments before you attempt a big trade allowing the player to rack up alot of gold very quickly. You can play the demo version from here on either pocket pc or smartphone.

Tips: How to remove software on my Pocket PC/Smartphone?

Removing software on your device depends how they were installed and most important if removal is to apply to both the device and the computer. In any case, I recommend using Activesync to remove software.

Open Activesync on the computer; click Tools - Add/Remove Programs. A window appears with a list of installed programs on your device. No matter which installation method was used, they will all be listed there.

The installed program should all be checked. Clear the check box if you want to remove the program from the device. It is possible to remove the program from both the device and the computer by clicking the Remove button in the "Remove from both locations" section of the Add/Remove Programs window. One might want to just remove the software from the
device only. If there is a need for that same program later all that is required is just select the check box and connect the device for the installation to begin.

Ideawicket's new concept phone

Flexi pda is a new concept with the ability to fold a pda using flexible screen technology. Unfodd the phone and it reveals a QWERTY keyboard. Go to to learn more.

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Tips: How to install software on my Pocket PC/Smartphone?

I had a reader telling me recently that he had no idea how to install software on his Pocket PC phone. This might not be obvious when you’re new to Windows Mobile. So I decided to write two articles about this. Part one will be devoted to the different methods of installation and Part 2 will be about removing software on your device.


Before you attempt to install software to your device, a partnership must be created with a PC using Activesync. The latter comes with the device companion CD or can be downloaded for free directly from Microsoft website. Once Activesync is installed on your desktop, connect the device using a USB cable or through the cradle. Activesync will automatically sync your mobile with the computer. After synchronization is complete, we can now start installing software. Note that it is not always necessary to perform sync. It is also possible to connect as guest and still install applications to the device. But this is another topic.


Now that the device and PC are connected, let’s get started with the installation. Most programs come in the form of an .exe file that you run on the PC. The file will execute and install to the Activesync folder on your PC. At least most well written software will do so. When that part is done, a message will tell you to check your mobile to continue setup.


A message will indeed appear on your device asking permission to install a file (“The program is from an unknown publisher. You should install it only if you trust its publisher. Do you want to continue?). Click yes and another message pops up asking for the location where the files will be copied to. There are two proposed locations: Device and Storage Card. To save memory space, it is recommended to install to the memory card. However, not all programs will run from the card. The Readme file that comes with the programs usually provides details about this or check the developer’s website. After you made your choice, click Install. When setup is complete, another notification will appear with confirmation that the software was successfully installed on your device. Click Done to complete setup. This is it. The program is accessible on the device through the Start Menu – Programs folder.


It may occur that you download an .exe file for your device and running the file from the PC gives an error saying something like: This file is not a valid Win32 application. If you get this error, simply copy the file to your device and run it there. This happens, I think, when the developer does not create an installer package for the software.


Another way to install software onto your device is by copying .cab files from the PC directly to your device or downloading over-the-air from the internet. >cab files are installed directly on the device. Click on them to execute and the process will be the same as explained above (Paragraph 3). It is possible to use installers on the desktop to install .cab files to your device.

This is how I perform installation on both my Pocket PC and Smartphone. If you have a different methods or I missed something, drop me an email to



Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mouse driver for Pocket PC released

Teksoft has released the final version of Bluemouse, a mouse driver driver for pocket PC that will let you use any bluetooth mouse with your device. BlueMouse is available for purchase for $20.95 with unlimited trial at

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Free: SmartToolkit first major release

I blogged about SmartToolkit sometime ago while it was still in beta version. E-Natives technology has finally released the first fully functional version of their software. SmartToolkit "adds new functions such as text editing and resolves limitations with resources as well as provides interface improvements!". It is available as a free download here.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Asus to offer free WM6 upgrades

Asus has announced they will offer free Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for the following devices: A639, A626, A696, P535 and P735. If you are the proud owner of any of these devices, then be patient. Asus has published an official announcement on their website. Go to to learn more.

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Free: Call Firewall/Call Blocker/Call Filter

Callfirewall is a nice utility to filter and block calls on your device. Not only is it free, it is loaded with options to fully customize the software based on your needs. One of the features is the Black List pattern. If you enter "123" in the list, all numbers starting with "123" will be blocked. Very useful for blocking calls from other operators, countries, etc.

To learn more and download your free copy go to

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Free: TopStory for Windows Mobile Smartphones

If you need a free RSS Reader to keep up with news online or on this site, Iambic has TopStory as a free download on their website. It's been specially designed to work with Motorola Q and the Dash/HTC S620. Follow the link below to download your free copy:

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Wifi Alliance announces wifi 802.11n

After the a, b and g, here comes the n. Wifi alliance will start testing it in June this year. 802.11 will enable wifi networks to do more, faster over a large area. This new technology has the potential to deliver up to five times the throughput and up to twice the range of previous generations.


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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Driver update for HTC S620

HTC posted a driver update that will provide the S620 with the latest available optimised software for use with the following accessories:

YC A120 Y-Cable Adaptor

Go to To download the driver.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Teksoft announces BlueMouse

Teksoft's BlueMouse will be released on Monday, May 21. BlueMouse will allow Windows Mobile users to connect a bluetooth mouse to the Pocket PC. The driver will be compatible with both Windows Mobile 5 and 6. Visit Teksoft's website at to learn more about BlueMouse.

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Documents to Go supports Office 2007

Dataviz has released a new version of their award winning software, Documents to Go. Version 3.0 now supports Microsoft Office 2007 and right now, it's the only way to open Word and Excel 2007 on Windows Mobile 5 & 6 devices.

Upgrade today and you will receive free updates that will include:

Support for editing and creating of Word 2007 files.
Support for editing and creating of Excel 2007 files.
Support for editing and creating of Powerpoint 2007 files.

Go to To learn more.

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Tips: My Pocket PC keeps switching on by itself at 04:00am

For some reason, my Eten M500 would switch on by itself at 04:00 in the morning, waking me up and worst of all, my wife. I'll leave it to your imagination to tell you about her last-month-long reaction. Under pressure, it was hard to solve the problem and of course a soft reset did not help. Until...
One night while browsing File Explorer, I noticed that my SD card was filling up with backup files. My Eten initially came loaded with Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition and persistent storage was not available at that time. Eten did a great job keeping the backup utility in their Windows Mobile 5 upgrade, but with Persistent Storage I completely forgot about the backup utility which was running in the background at 04:00am in the morning. This is how I solved the problem. Just by changing the time to backup. My wife is happy now.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Asus announces the trendy P526

This new phone has a great look. The P526 runs on Windows Mobile 6 Professional edition, has a 2MP camera, GPS, a 200MHz processor. On the other hand, the P526 does not have 3G and wifi. Another dark spot is the processor. The 200MHz processor is great for smartphones, but does not respond well on Pocket pc phones. Read more here.

Calculate the impact of going mobile on your business

Whether you're a business owner or sales person, the Windows Mobile Business Value Calculator will help you assess the impact of implementing mobility in your business. This online tool has been developed by Microsoft's Windows Mobile team. You can read more about the Business Value Calculator via Jason Langridge's weblog at Http://

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Adventures with Imate Suite

This is another chapter in the adventures of the new Imate Jasjam (hermes), today i registed for online billing so i can check my phone bills via the Next G connection. Whilst exploring the bill i came across 3 SMSs sent to a phone number in the UK, only problem is i dont know anyone in the UK. i did a google on the number (+447736592312) only to discover a few forum postings from people who had the same issue with the Imate Jasjam bought from Telstra in Australia. The phone came with some software that when i got home the day i got it quickly removed and replaced with different software (things like the games etc) one thing i removed was the Imate Suite which allows people to backup the device on the Imate website. As it turns out it was the Imate Suite that sent the 3 suspect text messages without me knowing, had i not have checked my bill i wouldnt not have seen the charges. Just shows how well telcos check the software they distribute and remember to always check your bill.

Scroll your contact list with free iContacts

iContact is a simple contacts applications for your Windows Mobile device which will help you scroll your contact list in iPhone style by sliding down your finger in the screen ! It's really amazing and if you get used to it iContact could be one of your everyday apps. The app is very basic, it only lists contacts in scrollable list. I use it for accessing my contacts by scrolling the list with fingers, similar to iPhone. Just tap, drag and release. To select a contact, just tap and
release, and standard contact details dialog should appear.

Download it at

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Tips: How to synchronize Inbox subfolders with Activesync.

It is possible to synchronize Inbox subfolders. If you have a Pocket PC, open Messaging, tap Menu - Tools - Manage folders. Tap and hold the Inbox folder until a menu appears and select New folder. Enter the folder name and tap OK. The next time you sync your PPC, the subfolder will also appear in Outlook on your desktop. If you have a Smartphone, you cannot create a subfolder on the device itself. At least I haven't figured out how to. Instead, create the subfolder in Outlook or Outlook web Access and it will appear on your device after the next sync. Follow these steps to access the subfolder: Open Messaging and select the email account, tap Menu - Folders. Select your Inbox - Menu and select either Show Sync Folders or Manage folders.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Windows Mobile 6 for Eten X500 and M700 available for download

If you have one of these devices, just go to, register by providing an email address, the serial number of your device and the IMEI. You need to remove your battery to get the IMEI or you can type *#06# to get it on your screen. Happy upgrade.

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Day one: the new phone

I picked up my new Phone yesterday, the I-Mate JasJam also known as Hermes or tytn. All in all its not bad, its almost twice as thick as the old one but the keyboard as seen in the pic its quite good once you get used to the size, i was tapping away maddly on msn in no time (it left stylus typing for dead). One surprise is the camera functionality which offers the usual templates, photos, MMS etc and to my surprise panoramic photos ... it actually allows you to take 3 photos in sequence using part of the last photo to line up the next photo. The mini fold out stylus was also good although im still not used to it being on the bottom of the device. Had a few issues getting my AD2P (bluetooth headphones) to work with it but once i decided to put them into pairing mode it worked first time and better than ever (i can still hear Linley laughing). Well im off today to get a micro SD (ive got like 7 SDs and now need a micro one!)

Friday, May 11, 2007

Watch the HTC Mogul: Mission Possible teaser

The Mogul is another device from HTC and due for release in October. It seems that everything will be possible for this device. I can't say more since no specs are available but it looks similar to the HTC Hermes. At least, the form factor is the same. Notice that HTC still favors slide out keyboards despite the success of the Excalibur and Cavalier. To watch the teaser go

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

HTC releases Vista compatible modem drivers for Hermes and Breeze

Connecting the devices in the title with your Vista PC as a modem for broadband internet connection requires proper drivers. HTC has posted a fix on their website to make it possible to connect via USB. You can download them via, along with instructions on how to install the drivers.

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Retirement of a Pocket PC

Well the time has come for my current pocket pc to be retired, my Imate Jam Special edition has slowly been getting worse and worse over the past few months. Today it drained its battery for the last time. So let me give a moment of thanks to this wonderfull little device its almost like a 3rd child to me the amount of time ive spent running games, watching movies and the numerous books, audiobooks and applications i ran on it... in the morning it achieves a spot in immortality (right next to my old Nokia Ngage)
Tommorrow brings about my new mobile the I-Mate JasJam powered on the Australian 3G network which i will upgrade to Windows 06 (finally Linley says :) )
So in closing a toast to the best damn PDA to ever run windows mobile 03

Q&A: Windows Media player cannot read my storage card

Q: I have a problem with my pda.
I have a Kingston 2gig mini Sd memory card. Since yesterday, everytime i try to access the memory card through Windows Media Player --> library i get the error message "an unexpected error

A: Open File Explorer and navigate to your storage card. In the root of the card there are two files: MSMETADATA and WMDRM. Delete them. If you can't see them, they probably are hidden. In File Explorer, click Menu and select Show all Files. You should now be able to access you SD card within Media Player.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Download Windows Mobile Traveler's toolkit

St3v3 brought to my attention that Microsoft is giving away a nice tool that you'll surely want to download if you're a frequent traveler and already using Vista. The Windows Traveler's kit combines the most useful online travel gadgets, such as a world clock, weather forecasts, flight status, wifi hotspot locator and more. To learn more and download the software go to

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SPB releases DVD converter for Smartphones

SPB Software house has finally decided to port their popular DVD converter to the Smartphone platform. Blackjack, Q and Dash/S620 users will be able to convert and compress their DVDs to mobile format. Visit SPB software house website to learn more. A free 15-day trial, or the full version of Spb Mobile DVD for $24.95 are available at

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Monday, May 07, 2007

Be ye Warned...

about buying things from Ebay, recently i decided to buy a battery for my Imate. Was only $22 (inc postage) however 3 days after i got it, and when i was about to leave work, my battery meter went from 100% to 0% and backup battery warning came on. After contacting the seller (who asked if i knew how to use it, yes im not kidding!) who would not offer much in the way of replacement or refund i then took the case to a higher authority and eventually (thankfully) got a refund. yet again the moral of the story is becareful what you get from Ebay, this now makes 2 for 2 as my bluetooth headphones and GPS are still working fine.

Sick of Sudoku

Ive played alot of games on pocket pc, yet there is one game i cannot stand and that is sudoku. Yes i know its that number or letter based game where the number and or letter cannot appear in the same row twice. What i dont understand is why there is so many versions of it available for pocket pc, the game itself is so simple you could use pocket excel to play it yet if you search on Handango youll find there is over 100+ listings for this basic game... (as seen here...) instead of putting all that effort into making more sudokus why doesnt someone release a few more RPGs i say....

Office Mobile for WM5 powered Smartphones

I have long hesitated to blog about this because of the obvious legal issues and thus, I want to make sure you understand that you download and install this software aware of the fact that it's the work of one developer and not Microsoft. That said, if you really need to edit Word documents or Excel spreadsheet on your Smartphone, you can download the cab file at this site:
Also note that Windows Mobile 6 lets you edit such files by default.

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Nethack v3.4.3

This is a Port of a really old retro game one of the very first true RPGs except with a slight upgrade of having tiles instead of the old text layout. However for the true retro RPG experience you can even switch to the old text based layouts. The good thing about this game is its completely random, no matter how many levels you go down or how many times you need to restart it, there are help files within the game itself so you dont have to work out the keyboard functions (and theres alot) you can download for free here...

Saturday, May 05, 2007

HP will offer WM6 upgrades for Ipaq 2000 series

Jeremy Werner of HP France announced that the company will offer Windows Mobile 6 upgrades to their Ipaq 2000 series. He also added that the Ipaqs hw6815 and hw6915 are not upgradeable. Therefore, no upgrade for pda phones. For your information, the 2000 series will get Windows Mobile 6 Classic Edition, the new name for non pda phones. Read more and watch the video on this french site

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Friday, May 04, 2007

Some goodies to try during the weekend

The first one is Firehawk, a shoot them up game. It supports both Pocket PCs and Smartphones running WM 2002 or later. It is free to try or you can buy it for $19.95 at

Then there is Flashthemes 2007 which lets you run animated themes on your Pocket PC. Compaitibility: Windows Mobile 2003 or later; Portrait, Landscape or square screen layout. Visit For more. While you're there check the Pocket PC themes toolkit.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Paper Agenda 2.1 announced

Here’s a nice utility for taking post-it like notes on your pocket pc. Below are some features:
• Faster toolbars
• New feature: Cut/copy & Paste!
• New Export feature, every page can be saved as BMP file
• Tool selection is more simple
• Many minor bug fixes

Download here

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Shadow Of Legend

ok so take one 900 meg game add a pocket pc device throw in some of the best looking kick ass graphics ever and you have the first ever true online game for mobile devices ever. "900 Meg game" i hear you ask, yep thats right a fully feldged online game with smooth graphics which once you get the initial download only uses 3meg of bandwidth an hour. you can sign up for a beta tester, although with the amount of work these good people have put into the game i would hope at some point they start charging for this excelent game which truly will get best online game of the year. Website available here...