Monday, April 30, 2007

HTC Cavalier shipping in May

This device had been announced last year as the successor to the Excalibur and then has been logically been put on hold. It's now confirmed that Dopod will release the WM6 device next month in Asia. The release in Europe will follow soon after though no official date has been announced. As the owner of the HTC S620/Excalibur, I can tell that the Cavalier is a sexy beast in its black robe. It has WM6 with a 400 MHz processor. The Excalibur runs a 200 MHz processor. The camera has been upgraded to 2.0 Mega pixels. Best of all, the Cavalier has 3G connectivity. The Cavalier is known in Asia as the Dopod C730. Read more...

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tips: Special Screen Alignment Fix

i was unable to find many topics or suggestions on this problem and the fix to my surprise was so simple. My Wifes Imate Jamin (prophet) for the last few months had issues with screen alignment, it kept going about a centimeter to the right the only fix was to realign the screen and that would last at best about 10 mins before it would do it again. Its still covered under warranty but being without a phone for 3 weeks just sucked. i then came across a possible number of fixes one of which was to use a finger and the corner of a shirt or piece of cloth rub your finger from left to right going top to bottom over the screen. It worked like a treat, its now been 12 hours since i last aligned the screen.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Sync your Notes - It's now possible

Like Jason Langridge, Microsoft's mobility manager for Europe, I often receive emails about how to sync Notes with Exchange or Outlook. This is not a builtin feature but fortunately someone has developped a solution to fix this. Not only does it work, it's also free. Here's the link to the developer's website, who happens to be a fellow blogger:

I got this news via Jason Langridge blog:


Posted on the go using my HTC S620.

Encrypt, hide and block SMSs

This is yet another utility that lets you hide, encrypt and block unwanted sms. EasyHelper has done a great job to bring a lot of features to texting, but I'll personally prefer to have something similar in Outlook Mobile.

Posted on the go using my HTC S620.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tips: Ever wanted to test your mobile internet connection speed?

If you want to know your internet connection speed, simply to connect to

Try Fring free

Fring lets you make peer-to-peer VOIP calls using your mobile internet connection, send instant messages, and talk with Voip applications such as Skype, Google Talk, and Msn Messenger at no cost. Best of all, it's fringing free.
Download here:

Compress your text messages

Sms Zip is an application that lets you override the 160 character limit of the default Sms software on Smartphones. The full version of the software lets you enter more that a thousand letters in one sms and use the default messaging software to send your sms. Sms Zip is compatible with WM5 for Smartphones and WM6 Standard. I'm wondering what the rendering will be when texting non-smartphones phones.

Download Lite version:

Download Full version via Handango

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Virtual Blackberry Solution for Windows Mobile announced

Who said that Windows Mobile is not popular? I remember the Wow when Palm introduced the first Treo running Windows Mobile a year ago. Now it's Blackberry's turn to jump on the bandwagon by offering a virtual solution that will allow Windows Mobile 6 powered devices "to benefit from the popular Blackberry software applications and services." Who will benefit most from this? It's quite obvious that RIM has more to gain than Microsoft or device manufacturers. Blackberry's form factor has not evolved much over the years, while there is a wide variety of Windows Mobile powered QWERTY phones on the market and RIM's market share is shrinking due to the versatility of these devices. The positive aspect of it all is that users will get to choose. RIM, Welcome to Windows world. Read RIM's press release.

Spb Software House Releases Spb Phone Suite

The prolific developers of SPB softwarehouse have released a long awaited missing feature for Pocket PC Phones, spb phone suite. Most windows Mobile powered pdas don't come with a tool that lets you manage profiles, call filtering, missed calls etc. I have been lucky enough that Eten had the foresight of including a profile manager on the Eten M500. Even though it offers 4 types of profile only, it is better than nothing. The M500 also has a "Missed Call Manager".

Here are some of the features of SPB Phone Suite:
Profile switching is so much a cornerstone feature of any phone that it is very strange that this feature is still lacking from the Professional version of Windows Mobile. Spb Phone Suite profiles not only control phone setting but also WiFi, Bluetooth and backlight level seetings. Spb Phone Suite uses automatic profiles to automatically switch your profiles based upon the situation, like when your headset is plugged in, or your car kit is connected, or you are in a meeting that you previously marked in your calendar as "busy", or you can manually configure a preset time.

Missed Call Notifications
Spb Phone Suite gives you the option to have sound notifications upon missed calls or unread SMS messages. This feature helps you not miss your important calls.

Reject and Send SMS
Unexpected calls can be really annoying during meetings. With Spb Phone Suite you can immediately send an SMS with predefined text with just two taps after you reject a call.

Photo Speed Dial
With Spb Phone Suite you can place your most frequently used contacts right on the Today screen. Spb Phone Suite comes with more than 50 avatars a user can use for photoless contacts.

Call Filtering
Call filtering is based on the idea of white and black lists. The call filtering feature has been specially designed for ease of use. This way a user can add unwanted people to the black list with just a few taps.

Other Features
There many other features like photos in the call log, the wireless manager, and the Today plug-in, etc., that altogether improve the phone experience and make Windows Mobile almost a perfect platform for modern phone devices.

Pricing and Availability
Spb Phone Suite is currently available in English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Czech, Polish, Dutch, Japanese and Thai languages. Spb Phone Suite is compatible with Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC Phone Edition and Windows Mobile 6 Professional devices. A free 15-day trial can be downloaded, or Spb Phone Suite can be purchased for 19.95 USD, from SPB's

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Which one is best: Palm OS or WinMo Treos?

Who better than Joe Farbis, Director of Wireless Solutions at Palm, to answer this question. The answer is in a series of post on the official Palm blog, started today by Joe Farbis. From yesterday's post we learn that likes the application buttons on Palm OS Treos and finds that "multitasking is great" in Windows Mobile.

Conclusion: "When I'm on the PalmOS, I'd really like to multitask, and when I'm on WinMo, I'd really like the direct control off the application buttons."

Next topic will be about "music players...or Sales Force Automation...or my Tivo..."

I wish I had these devices in hand to answer this question.


Friday, April 20, 2007

Official statement from HTC about Windows Mobile 6 upgrades available!!!

Msmobiles has an official statement from Maggie Cheng of HTC about WM6 upgrades to be available for HTC Advantage, the HTC TyTN, the HTC S620, and the HTC P4350.

HTC is also offering WM6 upgrades for the most popular devices in its current range. This includes recently launched “messaging” products, which will enjoy the greatest benefits of Windows Mobile 6, such as the HTC Advantage, the HTC TyTN, the HTC S620, and the HTC P4350. The upgrade will also be available for the award-winning HTC P3300, plus some of our operator-branded devices. The upgrades will be rolled out from June, in line with our operator partners’ strategies. Read more via Msmobiles

Ezyunzip - Free exctraction utility

If you need a good compression utility and one that really works, then download Ezyunzip. It runs on all Pocket PC devices (including Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0) as well as on Handheld PC devices based on Windows CE. Download here

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tile space user interface for Mobile devices

Based on this document published on the U.S. Patent office website, Microsoft is working on a new interface for our devices. It seems that we’ll hardly have to leave the Today screen to access applications.
The subject disclosure pertains to systems and methods for providing an improved user interface for mobile devices. Data and services available through the mobile device can be represented as a set of tiles maintained in a display space. The tiles provide a snapshot of the current state of content available through the mobile device without requiring any interaction by the user. The tiles and display space are customizable and can be dynamically updated to display content to a user. In addition, tiles can provide functionality, including simple tasks to a user without requiring the user to navigate away from the tile display space. Tiles can also provide quick access to start software applications. Tiles can be organized in the display space by the user or the tiles can be automatically grouped based upon associated metadata. Read More

Vocal Instant Messaging for Windows Mobile

Palringo has just released the beta version of Vocal Instant Messaging for Mobile phones and PCs. This is a most welcome addition to IM on Windows Mobile devices.Visit their site and sign up.

Key features:
Voice: use your mobile to chat with friends by speaking or texting

Messaging: leave messages even when contacts are not connected

Availability: Instantly see status of contacts

Interoperability: Connect to users of popular PC IM systems

Open: Works independent of your mobile service provider

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Why did we remove Bluetooth DUN? - Greg Scott

Greg Scott is a developer that provides core networking technologies on Windows Mobile. In this article he writes about the reasons why Bluetooth DUN has been removed. He writes that "Microsoft did not remove Bluetooth DUN completely. We still ship this technology to our OEMs. It is included in an optional package that OEMs and operators can decide to ship on a per device basis". Don't you think it's about time that Microsoft decides what's to be part of the OS and let operators and OEMs build and sell devices only? Don't you think it's about time that devices come as is instead of being stripped of Wifi by phone carriers to increase profits? Share your thoughts and Read Greg Scott's article here.

Monday, April 16, 2007

The Secrets of Da Vinci

This a quite an interesting game that has nothing to do with Dan Brown's novel. Here's a synopsis:

Château du Clos Lucé, 1522.
Valdo, an ambitious young apprentice working for Leonardo Da Vinci's disciple Francesco Melzi, is extremely disappointed when the scholar suddenly dismisses him. However, shortly afterwards, he receives a letter from a mysterious patron, asking him to locate one of the great master's missing codices.To access Leonardo Da Vinci's last residence, the Manoir du Cloux near Ambroise, Valdo tells its new occupant, a courtesan by the name of Babou de la Bourdaisière, that he is Francesco Melzi's apprentice and that he wishes to examine the inventions that still remain on the estate.
Read more.

The Smell-o-phone comes to the U.S

This will bring marketing to a whole new level Motorola has a patent for a handset that releases scents by heating a gel pack apparently the same way a airfreshener works. According to this Article from crave recent marketing campaigns in the US have included the "Got Milk" people setting up a bus stop in San Francisco to smell like cookies. Makes you wonder what sort of effect this has on the world of nature.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Palm's official blog

Paul Loeffler of Palm has recently started Palm's official blog. Welcome to the blogosphere Paul Loeffler, it was about time. There has been an avalanche of comments since his first post. Click here to visit the site.

Q&A: How to keep Windows Media as the default MP3 player instead of TCPMP?

Q: I installed TCPMP on my PDA and now it’s the default MP3 player. I want Windows Media player to be the default player without uninstalling TCPMP. How do I do this?

A: Upon installation of TCPMP it does become the default MP3 player. Some users have reported that their MP3 ring tone stopped working because of that and they fixed the issue by uninstalling TCPMP. There is a workaround to make the two media players co-exist happily alongside each other while keeping Windows media as the default MP3 player. This is how to:

Start TCPMP, tap options > Settings. Tap Select Page at the bottom of the screen and select File Associations from the menu. Uncheck MPEG Audio Files box. This will make Windows Media the default for MP3s. This solution works for both Pocket PC and Smartphone.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Download the Windows Mobile 6 product reference guide

Jason Langridge of Microsoft has blogged about the availability of a reference guide that contains detailed documentation of all enhancements in Windows Mobile 6. The file (12MB) is in pdf format and can be downloaded here.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Resco Call Recorder (Beta)

This is rather exciting, one of the things i miss from my old Ngage was the answering maching programs and call sound programs that was available on Symbian which due to hardware and OS restrictions in pocket pc devices is almost impossible.... untill now. Resco Call recorder will record both sides of a convosation on a pocket pc devices, yes thats right it will record a convosation which is the first application i have seen to do this on windows mobile. While this isnt an answering machine its definatly a step in the right direction, you can download the trial and read more here... (note that this is only in Beta)

Dell stops selling Axim handheld

Dell announced today (yes was a big day for announcements) that it will no longer be releasing the Axim handheld. "The Axim X51 family is no longer being offered, and we have no plans for a follow-on product at this time," Dell spokeswoman Anne Camden said in an e-mail. Camden noted that the company does sell handhelds from other makers on its Web site, including GPS devices and smart phones. More available here...

Palm announces Linux Palm

Palm has announced a venture into the world of the Tux (linux) today with a surprising move to try and revamp the stagnating palm OS, there has been a small and strong growing push within hand held computing devices for a linux solution. There is a few rom sets in development to replace the windows OS on pocket pc devices but no fully supported fully finished solution to replace the Windows Mobile OS with a linux os, this in mind Palm could be hunting for a new foothold back to attempt to reclaim its lead in the computing world. More available here which is palms official press release.

Automatically sync or backup any files, folders and storage cards of your mobile device to your computer

Easy Sync is a desktop application that runs on your PC and works over Microsoft Active Sync connection. It extends limited functionality of file synchronization presented in ActiveSync. Easy-to-use interface with customization options make Easy Sync available for novice users. Easy Sync is not free, but a trial is available. Learn more here.

Q&A: Excel Mobile cannot find my files

Q: I have an Excel sheet in a folder on my Storage card, but when I start Excel Mobile, this file is not in the list of spreadsheets. Am I doing something wrong?

A: This issue arises when a file is saved to more than one folder deep. If you want your file to appear in the aggregated list, it is recommended that you create a folder in the root of the storage card and save your files there. This is by design and is not a bug.

Download Retro Detonation free

Game lovers might want to download this game from Inscenic. It's free but registration is required.

Ultimate classical game with excellent graphics, nice music and easy-to-perform control. Help RD to blow up his enemies and go through five unique worlds and remain undamaged. Game features:
5 worlds, 10 levels in each of them;
2 game modes - classical and advanced ones with a store where you can buy weapons and bonuses;
16 various creatures (some of them kill being rather far from you);
20 bonuses and 4 types of weapons
the mazes are generated in random manner and that's why each of the levels is always unique;
modern graphics, unique music tracks for each of the worlds and SFX!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Beta testing Windows Live (Part 7)

When Mail is selected, it expands to display the first three emails in your inbox. The sender’s name and email’s subject are displayed.

Beta testing Windows Live (Part 6)

I used to have Hotmail listed; it’s now replaced by a Windows Live Mailbox.

Beta testing Windows Live (Part 5)

You can manually initiate a sync right from the Today screen

Beta testing Windows Live (Part 4)

When logged on to Windows Live Messenger

Beta testing Windows Live (Part 3)

The Windows Live Messenger Sign in screen.

Beta testing Windows Live (Part 2)

When Windows Live is selected, it expands to show your details. Notice the two green arrows. They let you move to other Windows Live features. When you sign in to Messenger, this screen will also display the number of contacts you have online.

Beta testing Windows Live (Part 1)

I am beta testing Windows Live since Saturday and all I can say for now is that it works great. This post is just about introducing Microsoft’s new application and I’ve also added some snapshots of the product. I have yet to play with it and will post another article about its capabilities in a few days. So far, I can tell you that I love the Push mail for Hotmail and how fast I was able to log on to Messenger and even add Voice clip while chatting. Below are some pictures with brief descriptions.

Picture below shows my Today screen. You get to choose to display both plugins , only one or none on your Today screen. Note: I use a HTC S620 Smartphone.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Site Announcement: New Q&A, Tips & Tricks link

Hello Readers,
This is to inform you that two new links have been added to the site which will let you easily find all Q&A and Tips & Tricks posted here. Hope you will find this small addition useful.

Happy Easter All,

Linley Meslier

Flipstart labs announces super compact PC

FlipStart offers the capabilities you expect from your laptop — comfortable application usage, communications, entertainment, and Internet connectivity. Its industry standard components include an Intel Pentium M Ultra Low Voltage platform, 1.1 GHz of processing power, and a 30GB hard drive with the choice of Windows XP Professional or Windows Vista Business operating systems. In terms of connectivity, this device has it all or almost. It’s got Wifi, Bluetooth and connection to Sprint Mobile Broadband Network. Indeed, flipstart is plan for release in the U.S only.
FlipStart labs is funded by Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen. I think Mr. Allen has never heard of or seen a UMPC.

Q&A: Help! Activesync is draining the battery

Q: I have WM 5.0 and Activesync 4.0. Activesync turns itself on automatically on the PDA and drains the battery. As I read the instructions they say I should open Activesync on my PDA>Options>schedule and change the automatic to manual. The schedule function is not available (will not open).I have unsuccessfully tried to access the Schedule tab on the PC. Activesync does work fine and does what it should in terms of synchronizing. Do I have to un-install Activesync on my PDA and PC, and re-install so as to re-set the schedule function to manual?

A: The schedule tab is enabled only if when connected to an Exchange server. Obviously you're not but you can create a dummy one. Just open Activesync on your PC, click Tools and select Configure server Source. Type any name then click finish. The schedule tab should be enabled in Activesync. Just select manual from the both drop lists. Remember to delete the dummy exchange server afterwards.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

V2R releases ActiveUI

V2R Active UI has been developed as a Todayscreen plug-in (for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs) and Homescreen plug-in (for Windows Mobile Smartphones) with a standard V2R icon- and animation-set.The V2R Active UI plug-in allows users to access the most wanted applications, settings or documents directly from the Today-/Homescreen. The standard version, which is for free, is shipped with predefined templates for animations, designs and functionalities. On the V2R Web page users can find more animations, designs and functional plug-ins which will feed all the different user needs. In the future, V2R will regularly release new free and payable plug-ins for the V2R Active UI with different plug-in sizes, animation styles and functionalities. More

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Citibank's online mobile banking

Not so long ago, I blogged about sending money via sms using your cellphones. I just learnt that Citibank has just launched a new mobile banking service in the U.S. All that is required is a free downloadable software from their website. Check their faq page for more info.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Offbeat: Picnik – Online photo editing made fun

Picnik is a quick and easy way to fix your photos online. It is still in beta version and free to try. Picnik lets you fix underexposed photos, remove red-eye, crop and resize photos. It also lets you work directly with many photo sharing sites. Better yet, no software to install and it is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux. Try here.

BenQ develops new concept phone

This is a cool phone. The concept of moving the slider to create more viewing space is simply neat. Posted on Thelastgadgets.

Sign up for free Windows Mobile themes

FreeWMThemes is a site offering free professionally designed themes for Windows Mobile. These folks really mean business since you can setup your device for RSS feeds that will keep you posted when new themes are added. Themes are available for QVGA, VGA and square screens. Register here.

Download Pocket Express today and enjoy it free for 6-months

This is yet another software that displays information right on your Today screen. You will be able to enjoy access to breaking news, local weather, stocks, up-to-the-minute sports scores and stats, maps and turn-by-turn driving directions, horoscopes, and even movie show times in one simple mobile option. The service is free for 6 months only. More here.