Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A free version of IM+ now available for Windows Phone.

An ad-supported version of the multi-platform messaging app is now available for download on Marketplace. This is a great move from the IM+ developers. They had a similar strategy on Android.The paid version is now called IM+ Pro.

I started using IM+ today because I missed being able to chat via Skype on my Windows Phone. Since Microsoft acquired Skype recently, I expect to see the latter deeply integrated into Windows Phone sometime in the future. When that happens I'll use IM+ for Google Talk...until Google comes up with a GTalk client.

IM+ Messenger is free on Marketplace.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

GroupMe comes to Windows Phone.

GroupMe is a nice groups messaging app that works with data or plain SMS. You basically setup a group on your phone and start group conversation with friends. GroupMe lets you create as many groups as you want and assign a unique phone number to them. Any member of the group can initiate a group call by just dialing the number.

This is the first instalment of GroupMe. Expect more features to be added in future updates.

GroupMe can be downloaded free on Marketplace.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Keep track of your borrowings and lendings with IOU.

How many times you borrowed/lent money or anything else and forgot about it? It happens often, way too often. Well, you can put an end to this and use your Windows Phone to keep track of your belongings and, equally important, what you've borrowed. Chances are that your friend is also is using the same app. IOU is just the app you need to keep track of those and it's free on Marketplace.



Wednesday, July 06, 2011

IM+ upgrade adds Windows Live Messenger; $5 cheaper.

A few weeks ago, IM+ Messenger made its way to the Windows Phone Marketplace amid rumors that Microsoft has approved the multi-messenger but has blocked Windows Live Messenger. The good news is that version 1.1 includes Messenger and a $5 drop in the price.

IM+ was initially priced at $9.99 and while customers will appreciate the drop, it still remains an expensive application.