Friday, March 30, 2012

Evernote update: Notebook Sharing, Improved Editing, Smarter Searching, and More

This updated version of Evernote - the best note app out there - lets you easily share your notes. Premium subscribers can allow recipients to add and edit content.  The People panel lets you share with individuals via email whereas the Public panel creates a URL which you can then attach to an email or share via social apps.
Another addition is the ability to perform contextual searches within a notebook. Searches will remain within that notebook and not bring up irrelevant results.


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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Free: SafeWallet Free Viewer for Windows Phone.

SafeWallet Free Viewer is now available for free in Windows Phone Marketplace. The app is one of the best and most secure password manager out there to store your passwords, credit cards info, bank accounts details, account logins and more.

❖ The MOST secure solution for your important information! 256bit AES encryption, rainbow hash hacking attacks protection and more!
❖ PC SafeWallet collects and fills online logins automatically as-you-browser with SafeWallet add-ons, available for all major Windows browsers.
❖ Search for cards easily and efficiently.
❖ Designed for security - Automatic wallet lock for maximum safety.

√ Makes your life easier - never forget passwords again.
√ Online identities - desktop browser add-on automatically collects and fills online logins on desktop and makes them available on mobile too.
√ Always synced - keeps your passwords in sync between all your devices - securely!
√ Protects you – keeps your passwords secure, creates strong passwords for you and more.
√ Makes your password management a breeze.
√ Secure Dropbox cloud sync – access your passwords anywhere.
√ Multiplatform - available for desktop and mobiles.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nokia and China Telecom launch two CDMA Windows Phones in China.

With Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, currently visiting China for reasons that we can only guess - release of new iPad, Proview lawsuit over the iPad name - Stephen Elop on his side had joined Mr. Wang Xiaochu, the chairman of China Telecom, to launch two CDMA Windows Phone in China: The Nokia Lumia 800c and the Lumia 610c. The latter will be available in quarter 2.
"We're excited to introduce our first Lumia Smartphone, the Nokia 800c, to this important market with our exclusive launch partner, China Telecom. Working closely together, we've created a compelling, locally relevant experience on the Nokia 800c especially tailored for people in China," said Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia.
For his part, Wang Xiaochu said: "This grand launch for China's first CDMA Windows Phone represents our optimism and excitement for the future of Windows Phone and Nokia Lumia in China."
Will Windows Phone succeed in China and get a grip on the world biggest smartphone market? Only time will tell. Tim Cook's visit to China is still a secret, but it's certainly not to drink tea with China's officials.
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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kindle preview for Windows 8 available.

Kindle for Windows 8
Just noticed that Amazon has published a metro-compatible version of the Kindle reader app for Windows. The app is available free on Windows Store.
After downloading and signing in, Kindle preview automatically listed my purchased books. So the books are stored in Amazon's cloud until I choose to download them to my PC's drive for reading. The download was flawless. I did get a connection error after I switched to another app during the download. My first thought was that the app was designed to not take advantage of Windows 8 multitasking. But I was wrong. It worked just fine for the second download. One feature I'd like to see is the ability to download multiple books at a time.
Once the book is downloaded, it opens up fast and navigation is easy. A right click reveals the top menu with options like Bookmark, Go to etc. The tools you're already familiar with in other versions of Kindle on other platforms. The right click also reveals the page slider at the bottom.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Google redesigns Google Search for Windows Phone.

Google has published a redesigned version of the search app to Marketplace for Windows Phone.
Check out the features:
  • Google Autocomplete: As you type in your search, our autocomplete feature offers search predictions that often match your intended search term making search entry easier and faster.

  • Voice Search: With our voice feature, you can avoid typing all together. Simply press the microphone and begin speaking your query.

  • My Location: With your permission, Google can use your device location to provide nearby results easily and accurately. For instance, a search for “coffee shops” quickly displays the nearest places you can go to for a cup of coffee.

Microsoft discontinues Marketplace for WM6.x. HTC Advantage kills self.

This is bad news if you happen to own a Windows Mobile device. Microsoft is definitely killing Marketplace for devices running it's very old operating system. Owners of Windows Mobile 6.x have to consider an upgrade to the newest and more modern Windows Phone platform. After May 9, Marketplace will just cease to exist. Therefore a hard reset of a WM6.x device now means no ability to re-download your apps and games.

Shortly after reading the notification email from Microsoft, my good old HTC Advantage reached the edge of my desk and dramatically threw itself into the void. I picked it up physically unscathed, but definitely brain dead. No more response, no power, the end of an era.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Facebook Messenger finally lands in Windows world.

Finally the Facebook Messenger app for Windows [Desktop] is here. From now on you'll be able to chat, keep up with comments, photo tags as they happen on your desktop. The app will happily retrieve all these stuffs for you in the background while you're busy browsing or editing a Word document.

The app is Windows 7 friendly. Understand that it will not work with previous versions of Windows including Windows XP and Windows Vista.