Thursday, November 09, 2017

Windows 10 Build 17035 lets you mute a tab in Edge with a click, quickly share files to nearby PCs and more.

Today Microsoft has released Windows 10 Build 17035 for PC to the Insiders in the Fast ring and Skip Ahead. This build does not include anything major, but does come with some simple and yet very efficient improvements in some areas. One of my favorite is the ability to mute/unmute tabs playing audio in Edge.

While some from the Google side will brag about Chrome having had this feature for years, it is worth noting that I prefer Microsoft’s implementation. Where both are similar is that you can right-click on the tab to mute and unmute. Microsoft, however, made the playing media icon clickable. Meaning you can mute a tab with a click instead of two. Now, why not make the audio/video also pause/play after clicking mute/unmute?

Microsoft Edge will let you download any free EPUB book you’re reading on the web.

Near Share is another new feature Microsoft wants you to use to quickly send files, links to PCs nearby via Bluetooth. Near Share will show up as a new quick action in the Action Center. Obviously, New Share currently works with devices running build 17035. So, I’ll be able to test that between my tablets later. I just wish Microsoft would make Near Share work with Wi-Fi too.

Check out the full blog post over at Windows Blogs as there are more improvements in this build, notably in Settings and touch keyboard.
Source: Windows Blogs

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